What Benefits are Universities in Australia Offering to Students?

Featured article written by Kathlene Paul

Australia is one of the most popular destinations for students looking to go to a foreign country for university. One of the biggest reasons for this is the abundance of world-class universities in the country. For many, that is a very enticing reason to study in Australia, but that is not all there is to it.

What makes Australia a top destination for international students? 

Alongside the outstanding education, there are a lot of other perks universities and even the government of Australia provide to its students. This article will examine the benefits available to students looking to go to Australia for their studies.

Scholarships and financial benefits

While Australia is the perfect destination for studies, the move may prove costly for people coming from developing countries. After all, living costs in Australia may be higher when compared to their home countries.

Luckily for international students, individual universities and the government offer scholarships and grants to help students fund their studies. Most of these are performance-based, meaning students who excel in their studies can utilize this opportunity. 

Australia is an ideal country for international students

Are you leaning toward studying in Australia? One of the best things you may experience is the quality of life in Australian cities. According to QS rankings, two Australian cities fall within the top 10 to study in. Overall, six places rank within the top 50. 

Even though the cost of living and studying might be higher than in many developing nations, Australia can be considered relatively more affordable than other industrialized countries. Compared to the UK or the USA, Australia is more accessible for students to live and study in.

Besides that, Australia also offers many leisure activities, including various outdoor activities for students interested in that type of stuff. There’s something for everyone, from white water rafting to trekking in Australia’s Outback.

Ability to work while studying

There are two significant advantages when it comes to working while studying. 

The first is the financial aspect, as the part-time work privileges as an international student will allow you to earn money that can help defray your living expenses. 

The second benefit is the valuable experience you get from working: you may get to practice what you learn from classroom lectures and discover hidden aspects of your chosen trade or profession. Even if you are working in unpaid internships, the knowledge and skills you gain can help you get better jobs in the future. 

For example, mechanical engineering internships are a common way for students studying mechanical engineering to start their careers. Fields like mechanical engineering need employees with experience working, and internships offer precisely that.

Diverse student life and no language barriers

Universities, of necessity, mirror what is happening in society. Therefore universities and colleges reflect the vibrant cultural diversity for which Australia is known. 

If you are homesick, you will be glad that various universities allow students to create groups so you can interact with people from your home country and feel at home in Australia. Once you have settled in or feel more adventurous, you can expand your social circle to experience different cultures and get to know other people’s viewpoints.

English is the national language of Australia, which is good news if you are not a polyglot or linguist. You won’t have to learn another language and will get by if you are proficient only in your native tongue and English. Daily use of English will also increase your competency in the use of the language: this is good news for you if you aspire to work in the UK, USA, Canada, the Middle East, or New Zealand after graduation.

Opportunities to explore various fields

Students in their early twenties or late teens are commonly unsure of what they want to do in life. Even if there is some course they apply for and are studying, they might feel that there are better options than that. Most Australian universities offer excellent counseling services to help you choose the best program based on your interests. And suppose you decide to change your degree two or three years into the program; many universities will allow you to do so hassle-free.