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Our immigration consultancy in the Philippines is committed to providing immigration and legal advice, whether for skilled migration, family-based sponsorship, a tourist visa, or a student visa.

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Get the residency options and immigration pathway that best fits your goals, credentials, and work experience through IVC's Immigration Consultants.

We are a full-service visa and immigration consultancy. Our lawyers, paralegals, Immigration Consultants overseas, and Registered Education Counselors can help you in many ways. Finalize your career plan, complete your application, and avail of our pre-departure services to get you to the country you'll be migrating to at affordable and reasonable costs, completed within a given time frame.

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Still thinking where to live?

Check alternative residency options in the following countries.

  • The USA has a long history of immigration, and remains the most popular choice for aspiring immigrants.

  • Canada has a reputation of being one of the friendliest countries in the world, with a great international student and immigration platform.

  • "Diverse" comes to mind when describing Australia - from the different ethnicities, geology, and mix of modern and old.

  • New Zealand is one of the most beautiful and most open countries in the world for international students and immigrants.

  • Scenic Ireland offers a surprising number of opportunities for those who wish to study or live there.

  • A popular choice for international students due to its diversity and unity.

Visas & Immigration Blog

Read our latest migration and student articles to get everything essential you need for success overseas. Save on internet research time. IVC posts fresh content and updates for the countries you may be interested in immigrating to, so keep checking back regularly!

Migration & Student News for the United States of America

Migration & Student News for Canada

Residency Pathways for Skilled Workers in British Columbia

Learn the different categories and the requirements that apply to all categories as well as the minimum income requirements based on family composition - and more.

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Migration & Student News for Australia

Registration and Migration as an RN to Australia

Registration is the first step for a licensed Philippine RN who intends to work or migrate as a permanent resident-skilled worker- in Australia. Details below.

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Migration & Student News for New Zealand

Migration & Student News for Ireland

Study in Ireland - 2020

The Republic of Ireland remains a part of the European Union. Northern Ireland is part of the UK. But do not let Brexit define the border of your education and career aspirations. Here's the beef on studying in Ireland.

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Migration & Student News for the United Kingdom

New and Updated Academic Programs

With Education Counselors and Career Advisers on board, you get to check the programs and institutions overseas where you can study to improve your credentials. Our visa center offers three levels of professional services, so you get to choose what you need. Let's match you with the most appropriate study course that fits your credentials and will give you the best opportunity to immigrate after graduation.

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