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There’s something for everyone with our range of visa processing and immigration assistance services.

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It’s been 20 years since we opened our first office in the Philippines and produced the first broadcast of our TV show. That’s a lot of assistance extended to the public!

With your safety in mind, we’ve arranged matters, so you don’t have to be in our physical office to take any of our professional services. Not having to travel is actually an advantage during these times.

The point is … we’re flexible! We use WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, online meeting apps, Facebook, and other social media sites, and VOIP services.

Professional immigration services

Are you in the planning stage? Consider one of our FREE STARTER immigration service!

With more people preparing their applications, the failure rate of do-it-yourself visa applicants has grown in recent years. Avoid making unnecessary errors! Talk to a Migration Associate now.

If you’re ready to move on later, take a Migration Briefing before proceeding on your own. Get expert advice from the reliable immigration advocates of IVC!

Now, read up on the details of Immigrant Visa Center’s main migration services.

FREEPAIDMostly paid. For free retained services, you must take at least one MB
1 Office visit / Phone or online consult1 Office visit / Phone or online consult per MBUnlimited office visits and phone/online consults
Share basic infoMore extensive discussion of concernMore extensive discussion of concern. Updates shared as they arrive
Assessment for 1 country and 1 visa categoryAssessment for countries where you have viable migration optionsAssessment for migration options for several countries as needed
School and program matching per MBSchool and program matching as needed
Post-MB Help DeskPost-MB Help Desk
Documentation Assistance, including cover letters when needed
Scheduling pick-up of application packet when needed
Booking interview dates for a consular interview
Mock Interview
Pre-departure Briefing
Post-departure Help Desk
Sr. Migration Associate or Biz Dev OfficerVisa Counselor or Education CounselorEither a Visa Counselors’ Team or an Education Counselors’ Team

Take an assessment with the Immigrant Visa Center

Don’t know which professional service is for you? We invite you to share your inquiry with us. Our team strives to provide custom-made solutions from the point of your query until you apply for admission to a port-of-entry abroad.

A. FREE Consultation and Orientation

Are you curious about studying overseas? Or would you like a preliminary assessment of your credentials for skilled immigration?

If you answered yes to both questions, take a FREE Consultation or Orientation. Let’s assess if you have a chance at a successful visa application and if we could plan your overseas career together.

To qualify for the free consultation/orientation, be sure you’ve liked our FB page, Immigrant Visa Center.

You may have seen IVC on a business listing or were referred by a friend or family member to our website. Get to know the Immigrant Visa Center better! Read our mission statement and goals.

B. Migration Briefing

For an initial small investment in a Migration Briefing, you get to know:

  • What to do.
  • The procedure to apply for the visa in which you are interested.
  • Current protocols for the application, including fees.
  • Eligibility factors to assess if you qualify.
  • Conditions for a successful visa application.
  • Other options to immigrate to several countries.

As one of our immigration services, the Migration Briefing is useful if:

  • Your concern is about a family-based immigrant visa petition or appeal;
  • You’ve finished the consultation but need more information about your inquiry;
  • There are several migration pathways you are considering but you don’t know what to take.

Case-specific Visa Assistance.

1. Family-based petitions or sponsorship

You can take a Migration Briefing for family-based cases, including appeals and reinstating petitions. Our Visa Counselors analyze the facts and merits of your application and later explain the legal solution(s) based on existing case law, court judgments, and the latest protocols for your migration category. 

2. Skilled Immigration

Are you still reviewing the valid pathways for permanent residency? Your Visa Counselor will present you with suitable options to immigrate. He bases recommendations on:

  • Your educational credentials
  • Career and work history
  • Financial investment
  • Your short- and long-term goals

If your Visa Counselor believes that you may run into complications with a chosen course of action, he will recommend solutions so your application is more “approvable.”

3. Options for Residency

Sometimes, applying for skilled immigration isn’t a viable option. You may then opt for international studies to qualify for permanent residence later. A Migration Briefing will also include a school and program match for those who want or need a second or third migration plan.

C. IVC’s Premium Visa Processing and Immigration Assistance

Protect yourself from immigration risks! Avoid delayed or returned applications or an outright refusal because of mistakes that could have been avoided!

PREMIUM services*

Transferable to a family member

Inclusive of re-filing for the same migration category

Valid for one year, but you could always ask for an extension

Transferable from one migration category to another

Discounts available especially if you retain our services within one month of the MB

* Conditions apply

Benefits of retaining IVC’s premium immigration services:

  • You meet critical deadlines. Your migration team will prepare the blueprint for your overall application based on the current and relevant immigration regulations.
  • Get significant discounts on legal help for Philippine civil cases, such as a correcting entry procedures or annulment.
  • Your migration team regularly reviews your application, so you receive updates on the status of your application.
  • We present your visa application in the format recommended by immigration authorities.
  • Do you have questions? Your migration team will give you practical advice when you need it. Allow the members to guide you through each stage of processing until an embassy reaches a decision on your application.
  • If needed, we will endorse you to our relocation affiliates in various countries.
  • We assist you in submitting official qualifications and trade recognition applications and professional credentialing.

D. Add-ons for Visa Processing and Immigration Assistance

1. Post-MB Help Desk Migration Service of IVC

We’re here for you if you need additional help! Let your Migration Associate know the best time and day to contact you again after the MB to:

  • Discuss your counselor’s recommendation with you.
  • Answer questions about our fees, timelines and the nature of our service offerings.
  • Address some rumors and news you may have read.
2. Documentation Review by IVC

Have you already completed a visa application or petition/sponsorship form? 

Our Documentation Review is another level of visa processing and immigration assistance! You may need our visa assistance to have your application form checked before submitting it to an immigration authority.

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