Express Entry Draw Monitoring 2021

Even at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Canada kept its doors cautiously open to new permanent residents. Travel was, of course, restricted to temporary resident visa applications such as visitors and international students. However, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, or IRCC, selected profiles from the Express Entry pool in 2020.

For 2021, it appears that IRCC is doing its best to meet the Canadian government’s Immigration Levels Plan for 2021 to 2023 of having 400,000 new permanent residents each year. Specifically for 2021, the Canadian government’s goal is to welcome 401,000 immigrants. For 2022, the target is  421,000 new permanent residents.

The majority of applications for permanent residency will go through an immigration program, either a federal program or the provincial nominee class, using the Express Entry system. The Express Entry uses a Comprehensive Ranking System, or CRS, that assigns merit points based on several migration selection factors.

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Monitoring the CRS cut-off is important.

Every Express Entry draw has a CRS cut-off, so IRCC will not include applications below the threshold. Also, in case of a tie with more than one candidate meeting the lowest score, the Express Entry system will check the date and time an applicant submitted his profile.

Before applying, check the Express Entry draws to determine if IRCC will select your profile based on the history of CRS cut-offs. If you believe that you may not do well, we recommend that you plan to improve your standing.

Immigrate to Canada through the Express Entry

We recommend that you get an overview of the Express Entry system to understand the pointing system. Knowing this would allow you to see how your can improve your standing in the pool.

Express Entry Draws

Below are the 2021 CRS Cut-off points. We will update the CRS cut-off continuously with each new express entry draw.

Round No.ProgramRound Draw DateIssued InvitationsCRS Cut-offDate of Tie-breaker
198Canadian Experience Class22-Jul-214,50035714-Feb-21
197Provincial Nominee Program21-Jul-2146273411-Apr-21
196Canadian Experience Class8-Jul-214,50036910-Jun-21
195Provincial Nominee Program7-Jul-2162776014-Jun-21
194Canadian Experience Class2-Jun-216,00035717-Feb-21
193Provincial Nominee Program23-Jun-211,00274218-Feb-21
192Canadian Experience Class10-Jun-216,00036828-Apr-21
191Provincial Nominee Program9-Jun-2194071116-Feb-21
190Canadian Experience Class31-May-215,95638028-May-21
189Provincial Nominee Program26-May-215007136-Apr-21
188Canadian Experience Class20-May-211,84239724-April-21
187Canadian Experience Class13-May-214,14740129-Apr-21
186Provincial Nominee Program12-May-2155775229-Apr-21
185Canadian Experience Class29-Apr-216,00040024-Apr-21
184Provincial Nominee Program28-Apr-2138171716-Mar-21
183Canadian Experience Class16-Apr-216,0004171-Mar-21
182Provincial Nominee Program14-Apr-212667531-Mar-21
181Canadian Experience
180Provincial Nominee Program31-Mar-2128477816-Mar-21
179Canadian Experience
178Provincial Nominee Program17-Mar-21 1836824-Mar-21
177Provincial Nominee Program8-Mar-21 671739 16-Feb-21
176Canadian Experience Class13-Feb-21 27,332 75 12-Sep-20
175Provincial Nominee Program10-Feb-21 65472014-Aug-20
174Canadian Experience Class21-Jan-21 4,62645423-Jul-20
173Provincial Nominee Program20-Jan-21 3747415-Sep-20
172Canadian Experience Class7-Jan-214,75046112-Sep-20
171Provincial Nominee Program6-Jan-212508132-Nov-20

Get an overview of the Express Entry system.

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The Express Entry system is used by the federal immigration classes and some provincial nominee programs. Check if you qualify to apply to the Federal Skilled Worker Program.

Tips to get higher CRS points and improve your rank for the Express Entry Draw

It’s important to realize that IRCC issues Invitations to Apply, or ITA, per draw to candidates with the highest immigration scores who meet the CRS threshold. If you are seriously considering immigrating to Canada, you may consider doing any of the following to get higher immigration points.

  • Look for an employer in Canada. Be sure the company can issue you a Labour Market Impact Assessment-approved job offer (LMIA).
  • Take a Master’s or Ph.D program.
  • Study in Canada. Be sure to choose your program well!
  • Switch places with your spouse or common-law partner if his/her predicted CRS score is higher than yours.
  • Continue working in your home country, especially if you have less than three years of work experience.
  • Aim for higher English language scores and retake the exam.
  • Apply to a provincial nominee stream that doesn’t use the Express Entry system.

Retaking a language test is an inexpensive way to improve your rank. So is applying while you are younger. Remember, immigration points go down significantly once you reach 31.

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