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So, what do you get from our preliminary immigration assessment?

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It’s a fact that legalities can complicate migration concerns. Therefore, knowing the requirements, fees, and procedure of an application will significantly enhance the chances of success of any application you make.

We wouldn’t, after all, want you to spend on any migration application before knowing if you are qualified.

So, what do you get from our preliminary immigration assessment?

  • You SAVE TIME. No need for extensive online research and Do-it-Yourself evaluations.
  • You SAVE MONEY. Check if you qualify before investing funds!
  • You get to ENJOY the CONVENIENCE of communicating with us from your home, office, or even outdoors.

Receive insights into the legal and valid opportunities for you to live overseas! We assure you that We RESPECT your privacy. And, being immigrant advocates, we will never share your information even with our partners.

Best of all, you benefit from the considerable experience of our immigration consultants in the Philippines.

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