Fanshawe College Overview

If you haven’t decided where to study in Canada, consider enrolling at Fanshawe College. Getting its students job-ready is where Fanshawe College excels. So, being one of the largest post-secondary institutions in Ontario, Fanshawe College is a prime study destination. The main campus is in London, a Canadian city in southwestern Ontario.

Fanshawe College at a Quick Glance

  • Campuses in southwestern Ontario province
  • 43,000+ Full-time students
  • 200+ Programs
  • 30+ Co-op Programs
  • 86% + of graduates are employed after they graduate
  • Fanshawe College has articulation agreements with universities inside and outside Canada. Outside Canada, the universities are in the United States, England, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia

Fanshawe College collaborates with industry leaders in the region

Study at Fanshawe College

The college collaborates with companies and in doing so, learns how employers use new technology and protocols. As a result, the college then updates its courses to ensure that its students develop useful skills. Also, the college also develops new programs to cope with the changing needs of various industries. So as an international student, you get to choose from certificate courses to bachelor degree programs.

Fanshawe College encourages its students to avail of free services as well. You may ask for academic and career counseling to help you cope with concerns common to international students.

You’ll discover when you study at Fanshawe College, that the school holds regular job fairs with its thousands of affiliated industry partners. Potential employers attend to interview students for a part-time or full-time job after graduation.

International Students enjoy certain perks.

You may take further studies elsewhere once you receive your Fanshawe credential. Enroll in any university that is affiliated with Fanshawe College. These universities are in Canada, the United States, England, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia.

Besides the wide choice of universities to enroll in for further studies, international students get to enjoy:

  • Dental and vision insurance as part of the health insurance package
  • FREE airport pickup
  • FREE two-night accommodation at Fanshawe College’s student hostel
  • Accommodations on campus if you choose
  • SCHOLARSHIP programs that are available for eligible international students
  • For Filipinos, there is NO NEED to take an English language test.

How to find a job while studying in canada

We’ve received inquiries about people who hope to augment their funds by working part-time. We’ve compiled several tips that we hope can help you find a part-time job while studying in Canada.


If you study at Fanshawe College, you can find everything you need on the main campuses of the college, from residences to restaurants! Having everything close by is convenient for a newcomer to Canada because you won’t have to look elsewhere for the items you need.

London Campus 

The beautiful London campus is two hours away from Toronto. Despite the distance, London is a metropolitan area and is home to more than half a million people.

London, being Ontario’s MAIN business and cultural hubs, is a center for education and innovative research. With 21,000 full-time students on campus, Fanshawe students will find London a safe, vibrant, student-friendly city.

Conditions of a Canada Student Visa to guide you during your studies

Make the most of your stay in Canada as an international student! Be sure that you know what being on a student visa entails so you can make plans for your career even as a student. Learn about the conditions of a Canadian student permit and visa before you begin an application.

St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus 

Enroll in a health and human service program at the St. Thomas/Elgin Regional Campus. Full-time and part-time students. The campus offers state-of-the-art technical programs in small class sizes between 20 to 40 students.

You’ll find a full-service cafeteria, a library, a resource center, and student support services in the community.

Woodstock / Oxford Regional Campus 

Woodstock is a small city combining urban and rural life, business, manufacturing, and agriculture. Fanshawe College prides itself on training that meets the local employment needs of the community.

This campus offers training and education in a variety of courses from IT programs to manufacturing courses.

Simcoe / Norfolk Regional Campus 

The Simcoe/Norfolk Regional Campus is a mix of small-town charm and friendliness for which visitors know Canadians.

Enrolling in programs offered on this campus may be fun as you’ll be studying in new classrooms equipped with smart technology.

Huron/Bruce Regional Sites

Fanshawe College, in the Huron area north of London, Ontario, has several smaller buildings serving the community. Many diploma programs, certificates, and community courses are offered on various regional sites.

Popular study program international students study at Fanshawe College

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