An Overview of Australian Visitor Visas

Overview of Australian Tourist Visa Categories. Call 639175298472 if you have questions

Before you apply to visit Australia, get an overview of the Australian visitor visa categories and it’s sub-streams. There are three main visitor visa categories but, regardless of the visa you apply for, you must meet three conditions.

First, you must prove that you have a genuine reason to enter Australia for a temporary visit. Second, you must demonstrate that you have enough funds to support your stay.  And the third is that you have to convince a Visa Officer that you will leave Australia before the date your stay will end.

Australia’s Visitor Visa Categories.

  1. Electronic Travel Authority or Subclass 601.  To qualify, you must be a passport holder of one of the 34 countries listed by the Department of Home Affairs or DHA. The Philippines, however, is not included in the list of countries.
  2. eVisitor or Subclass 651. To qualify, you must be a passport holder of countries that the DHA has identified as being qualified for the visa.
  3. Visitor Visa or Subclass 600 visa. This visa is for tourists, business visitors or to visit family and friends. The visa is valid for three to twelve months.

The Australian Visitor Visa category is more complicated than the US and Canada tourist visa because it has other streams under it. These are:

  • Approved Destination Status Stream
  • Frequent Traveler Stream
  • Business Visitor Stream
  • Tourist Stream
  • Sponsored Family Stream
The truth about applying to AUS as an IQNM

If you are an Internationally Qualified Nurse or Midwife and want to practice in Australia, get an overview of how to apply to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

Visitor Visas for citizens of China.

Visitors from some areas in China may apply under the Approved Destination Status stream. They will be admitted if they are part of a tour group arranged by an approved travel agent.

The Frequent Traveller stream is for citizens of the People’s Republic of China who travel to Australia often. Their visits may be for business or personal reasons.

Business Visitor stream.

You may apply for an Australian Visitor Visas under this stream if you are visiting Australia for business reasons. You may not, however, stay or sell goods or services. The following are some activities you can do with this visa:

  • Make general business or government inquiries
  • Negotiate contracts
  • Visit government officials
  • Attend conferences, seminars
  • Have job interviews
  • Take professional examinations.
Learn about the AUS Tourist Visa Requirements

Applying for a tourist visa should be easy. See what documents you will need to apply for an Australia tourist visa.

You must apply while residing outside Australia. The Business Visitor visa will allow you to stay in Australia for up to three months. It may be either a single- or multiple-entry visa, depending on the nature of your visit and the supporting documents you submit.

The Visitor Visa under the Australian Tourist Visa stream will allow you to visit Australia for up to twelve months. During this period, you may go on a cruise or visit family and friends.

As you may stay in the country for more than six months, you must have adequate financial resources to support yourself during this time. Moreover, you must be able to prove that you will be returning to your country of residence when your visit is over.

An invitation from the Australian citizen or permanent resident you will be visiting is important, whether you will be staying with them or not. If the person inviting you is paying for your stay, he must also demonstrate that he has enough funds to support your visit. You must also prepare an itinerary for the length of your visit.

Options to bring a spouse or child to australia

If your partner or child lives outside Australia, having them apply for a visitors’ visa is one option for them to visit you. Learn other visa classes for them to enter Australia.

Sponsored Family Stream.

You may also be sponsored for an Australian visitor visa. Your sponsor must be one of the following:

  • A relative (parent, child, sibling, spouse, de facto partner, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, or a “step” equivalent of the following).
  • An in-law.
  • A member of an Australian parliament or an authorized person representing a Commonwealth, state, territory government agency
  • A local government mayor in Australia.

Your sponsor relative must be over 18 and either an Australian citizen or permanent resident. Applications sponsored by family usually have a bigger chance of approval. However, your sponsoring family member must pay a security bond.

Concurrent sponsorships cannot be filed by one sponsor. Before filing sponsorship for another person, the sponsor must wait for the first visitor’s visa to expire and return to his country of residence.

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