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George Brown College

George Brown College


If you’re looking for the best way to make your career goals happen, look no further.


Deciding where to pursue your post-secondary education is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. George Brown College helps you develop the technical skills needed to get the job done and the people skills employers tell George Brown College they expect when looking to hire new graduates.

Students from more than 100 countries have chosen George Brown College for their education. For more than three decades, GBC has welcomed students from around the world and established itself as a leading college for international students in Canada.

George Brown College

As an international student at George Brown College, you’ll live, study and work in the heart of Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

George Brown College or GBC, located at the bustling city of Toronto, is one of the most highly-acclaimed colleges in Canada. Being in the education business since 1967, it has over the years received numerous awards for excellence and made a name for itself when it comes to innovative programs and world class facilities. George Brown College gives importance in  combining technical skills, with its modern learning environments, state-of-the-art technology, field education opportunities and experienced faculty, and learning people skills through cultivating team work,  communication skills, work ethic to name a few to become competent in the eyes of employers.

George Brown College offers more than 149 full-time career-focused certificate, diploma, postgraduate and degree programs – one of the widest ranges of full-time college programs in Canada. Most of our programs have work placement components which put students in actual jobs in their field of interest.

Programs in GBC cater to Hospitality & Tourism, Business, Health Care, and Child, Family & Community Studies. Graduates have successfully landed jobs because of industry-based learning from qualified and professional instructors.

George Brown College by the Numbers (George Brown College Institutional Research & Planning. Department of Human Resources. All data shown refer to 2014/2015 fiscal year):


  • 28,045 Full-time
  • 3,142 Part-time
  • 3,939 International
  • 64,525 Continuing Education Registrants

Programs Offered:

  • 34 Diploma
  • 31 Advance Diploma
  • 31 Graduate Certificiate
  • 30 Certificate
  • 12 Apprentice
  • 6 Degree
  • 5 Pre-College
  • 224 Continuing Education Certificates/Designations

Why Study in George Brown College

Get the skill set that will get you the job

George Brown College (or GBC) works closely with industry partners to ensure our programs meet the needs of both students and employers.

  • Technical skills: our modern learning environments, field education opportunities and experiencied facultyhelp you develop and hone the techniques needed to do the job.

  • People skills: teamwork, work ethic, initiative, communication and customer service—they’re attributes employers tell us they value most. We help you strengthen these skills in class and in real-world settings where you can work alongside industry professionals in field education or applied research opportunities.

Take advantage of the many opportunities offered by GBC for students to develop their skills in real-world settings. In 2014/2015, 88 per cent of our qualifying programs offered field education. We plan to make it 100 per cent by 2020.

Study in Toronto

George Brown College's campuses are located in downtown Toronto so you’ll have access to top employers for field education and networking opportunities.

GBC's first student residence is set to open in the fall of 2016 at Front and Cherry streets in the Wet Don Lands neighborhood. Apty named The George, this student residence is a short walk to the St. James and Waterfront Campuses and less than 40 minutes transit to the Casa Loma Campus. Walk or ride to the Entertainment District, grocery stores, shopping centres, Union Centre when you're in the mood to sample what Toronto has to offer!

Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Centre

This is a collaborative environment where Peer Advisors help students Peer Assisted Learning Centre George Brown Collegeunderstand and appreciate the power of individual, and group learning. Students are introduced to learning strategies and resources that support in class learning and enhance teamwork. Students also learn how to access the Tutoring and Learning Centre (TLC) and Student Success Program (SSP) initiatives.

Instructors with industry experience

Learn from instructors who are experts in their field, and eager to share their industry experience and knowledge. George Brown College's faculty help sharpen technical skills and also develop the important people skills needed to succeed in the workplace. Many of GBC's faculty have industry experience and pass that real-world knowledge on to their students.

You'll therefore have the opportunity to network and learn with GBC's industry partners, who engage students in applied research projects and field education placements, appear as guest speakers and often hire GBC's students and graduates.

Hands-on learning and Industry Partners

George Brown takes prides in its modern learning facilities, equipped with state-of-art technologies that simulate what students will experience in the working world.  George Brown College also has an array of facilities that cater to the different programs like mock hospital rooms, carpentry labs and industry-approved kitchen labs.

Applied research is also a key priority and George Brown College provides opportunities for students to work alongside industry parters. This means GBC's students can prototype new products and designs, test them in real-world environments and conditions, and help bring them to market.

GBC also has close partnerships with various employers, opening job placement opportunities for students. In fact, George Brown College leads colleges in the Greater Toronto Area in graduate employment rates at 82.8 per cent.(Key Performance Indicators, Colleges Ontario, 2014/15)

George Brown College considers it their job to help you reach your career goals. GBC has therefore built relationships with top industry and community employers to help you get there. Every program is developed in consultation with industry leaders, ensuring that the skills you learn in the classroom are the ones you'll need on the job.

Some of the employers who have hired George Brown graduates include: Bell, Four Seasons Hotels and Restaurants, Coca-Cola, Compass Group, Ikead, Marriott Hotel, RIM, Rogers Wireless, Scotia Bnk, Sobeys, Stratford Festival, United Way Toronot, Westin Hotels & Restaurants, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment.

Flexible learning

GBC offers a wide range of diploma, degree, aprenticeship and certificate programs to fit your needs. Whether you’re starting your post-secondary education, changing jobs or enhancing your education with postgraduate studies, George Brown College has a variety of programs for you to choose from. And with intake or start dates in the fall, winter and spring, you could choose the best date for you to begin your studies, provided you enroll early enough.

Career Centre

The Career Centre offers free services to help students sharpen their job-hunting George Brown College Career Centreskills, through résumé critique, one-on-one advising, workshops, and career fairs at each of the main campuses. Students also have access to GBCareers - the college's online job posting tool.  At the Career Centre, you may make use of a:

  • 1 - Workstation: Students have access to computer workstations to use GBCareers online job posting tool and to prepare their resume and other job hunting materials. Students can also access Career Start which is a multimedia, self-serve online career planning course.
  • 2 - Meeting Room: Students have the opportunity to practice their interview skills through mock interviews conducted in meeting rooms, offices or the interview room.
  • 3 - Workshop Room: Targeted career events are created for employers to connect with students. Students are able to find a list of upcoming events on GBCareers on a regular basis.
  • 4 - Projector: Students can access various career related workshops and presentations such as résumé polish, job searching skills, networking, interview skills and the of use social media related to job search.


The bookstore is equipped with all the learning materials and products students need to prepare for their program.

Student Service Centre 

Student Service Centres are located at each of the main campuses and aim to be  Student Service Centre George Brown Collegea ‘one-stop shop’ for students. Services include transactions such as registration, applying for and picking up bursaries or loans, program admissions, password resets / troubleshooting, as well as referring visitors to specific departments when needed.

Athletics & Recreation Centre

This newly renovated athletic complex hosts a variety of activities including varsity sports, intramurals, recreation classes and a fitness centre. Students can obtain a membership that can be used at any of our campus locations.


Casa Loma Campus George Brown College

Casa Loma Campus: 160 Kendal Avenue, Toronto

George Brown College has two main campuses in downtown Toronto at Casa Loma and St. James, along with several satellite campuses from which it offers approximately 150 full-time programs, and over 1,600 continuing education courses.

The Casa Loma campus is just steps away from TTC making it convenient to access from any part of the city and only a few kms away from the historic Casa Loma Castle.

George Brown College

St. James Campus/Ryerson University: 200 King Street East, Toronto

If you're feeling a bit lost, just go to the Welcome Desk at the St. James campus. The Welcome Desk serves visitors and guides them to the appropriate area in the college.

One of the main campuses of George Brown College, the St. James Campus' satellite campus, includes Ryerson University where Nursing and Early Childhood Education programs are delivered.  

The St. James campus, which houses a bookstore and gym, also has a number of buildings from King to Richmond and Jarvis to Sherbourne.

New George Brown College Waterfront Campus

Waterfront Campus: 51 Dockside Drive,  Toronto

The Waterfront Campus is one of the city’s most architecturally striking learning environments, with labs and classrooms overlooking the Toronto harbour. This campus is purpose-built to emphasize an interprofessional team-based education, the new standard for health-care graduates entering the work force.

From an aesthetic point of view, this new campus is equipped with informal learning spaces, rooftop terraces, state-of-the-art labs and a strong connection to the water’s edge to the south and a beautiful park to the east.

The purpose of the health and wellness clinics is to provide students with access to real clients so they can practice their skills in a controlled, safe environment. Similarly, clients benefit from students who are learning from and supervised by industry professionals, offering quality, cost –effective services to the community.

With this new facility, George Brown College is better equipped to push educational and institutional boundaries to ensure that our graduates are collaborative-practice ready. Students from our broad range of health sciences programs will gain a wide scope of education and experience that will be essential to their roles as future health-care professionals.

The introduction of WAVE (Wellness, Applied Research and Visionary Education) clinics in the Waterfront Campus offers many exciting opportunities for staff, faculty, students and the community.  WAVE is a group of clinics where faculty and students work together to offer services to the community in the various specialties of health sciences. 

WAVE is comprised of the Dental Clinic, the Hearing Clinic, Fitness Studios, Active Living, and Health Promotion.  At the state-of-the-art Waterfront Campus, students have access to technology and environments they will encounter in the workplace giving them highly sought-after skills in the health care industry. 

The Chef's House George Brown College

The Chefs' House: 215 King ST. E

A satellite campus of the St. James Campus, The Chef's House is a thriving student operated restaurant in the heart of downtown - 215 King St. E. Under the supervision of instructors, students from the Hospitality and Culinary programs work the front and back of the restaurant cooking for and serving the general public.

Faculties & Departments

George Brown College has eight academic centres and schools offering more than 150 college and university programs. Our programs are designed to equip you with the right skills to step out into the world and land that job you want. No matter what field you’re interested in, we’ll help you get where you want to be. 

  • Centre for Business
    • School of Accounting & Finance
    • School of Human Resources
    • School of Management
    • School of Marketing
  • Centre for Arts, Design & Information Technology
    • School of Computer Technology
    • School of Design
    • School of Fashion Studies
    • School of Media and Performing Arts (Theatre and Dance)
  • Centre for Community Services and Early Childhood
    • School of Social and Community Services
    • School of Early Childhood
  • Centre for Health Sciences
    • Sally Horsfall Eaton School of Nursing
    • School of Health and Wellness
    • School of Dental Health
    • School of Health Services Management
  • Centre for Hospitality and Culinary Arts
    • School of Hospitality & Tourism Management
    • Chef School
  • Centre for Construction and Engineering Technologies
    • School of Construction Management
    • School of Apprenticeship and Skilled Trades
    • School of Architectural Studies
    • School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Centre for Preparatory and Liberal Studies
    • School of English as a Second Language
    • School of Immigrant and Transitional Education
    • School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
    • School of Work and College Preparation
  • Centre for Continuous Learning

Academic Programs

Wages and Salaries in Canada

Wages and Salaries in Canada

The federal jurisdiction includes labour market sectors coming under federal authority by virtue of the Constitution, such as international and interprovincial transportation, telecommunication and banking.  In most jurisdictions, these rates also apply to young workers although there is a special minimum wage rate for inexperienced employees. 

Current Minimum Hourly Wage Rates For Experienced Adult Workers in Canada (Canadian Dollar)

Jurisdiction Effective Date Hourly Wage Rate
Alberta 1-Oct-18 15.00
British Columbia 1-Jun-19 13.85
Manitoba 1-Oct-18 11.35
New Brunswick 1-Apr-18 11.25
New Foundland and Labrador 1-Apr-18 11.15
Northwest Territories 1-Apr-18 13.46
Nova Scotia 1-Apr-18 11.00
Nunavut 1-Apr-16 13.00
Ontario 1-Jan-18 14.00
Prince Edward Island 1-Apr-19 12.25
Quebec 1-May-19 12.10
Saskatchewan 1-Oct-18 11.06
Yukon* 1-Apr-18 11.51

* On April 1 of each year, this rate increases by an amount corresponding to the annual increase for the preceding year in the Consumer Price Index for the city of Whitehorse.

Source: Minimum Wage Database. Current And Forthcoming Minimum Hourly Wage Rates For Adult Workers in Canada. http://srv116.services.gc.ca/dimt-wid/sm-mw/rpt1.aspx Last Visited January 26, 2019

Current And Forthcoming Minimum Hourly Wage Rates For Young Workers and Specific Occupations (in CAD)

Unless specified otherwise, minimum wage rates for young workers are the same as for adult workers.

Jurisdiction Effective Date Wage Rate Note
Federal 18-Dec-1996   Workers under 17 years of age receive the same rate as the general adult rate in the province or territory where they work.
Alberta 1-Oct-18 598.00/week For commercial salespersons; automobile, truck or bus salespersons; mobile or residential home salespersons; farm machinery salespersons; construction equipment salespersons and commission salespersons who solicit orders for later delivery.
Alberta 1-Oct-18 2,848.00/month For domestic employees residing primarily in the employer's home.
British Columbia 01-Jan-19 - Crop harvesters employed on a piece rate basis and who hand harvest selected fruits, vegetables, berry crops, or daffodils. For instance, the rate for strawberries is $0.424 per pound and $0.201 per pound for brussels sprouts. The rates are based on gross volume or weight. The rate is $0.169 for a bunch of daffodils.
British Columbia 01-Jun-19 12.70/hour For liquor servers (employees whose primary duties are as a server of food or drink or both and who, as a regular part of their employment, serve liquor directly to customers in licensed premises.)
British Columbia 01-Jun-19 110.87/day For live-in camp leaders.
British Columbia 01-Jun-19 2,832.11/month For resident caretakers of a building of 61 or more residential suites. For an apartment building containing 9 to 60 residential suites the rate is $831.45 plus $33.32 per suite.
Manitoba 1-Oct-16 12.50/hour For licensed security guards.
New Brunswick 1-Jun-08 - Different minimum wage rates are set for employees engaged in government construction work (buildings, roads and bridges). Rates are based on occupational classification. For example, labourers are entitled to $12.63 per hour.
New Brunswick 1-Apr-12 440.00/week For counsellor and program staff who are employed at a residential summer camp by an employer that has notified the Director of employment standards in writing that it is a charitable organization or a not-for-profit organization.
New Brunswick 1-Apr-18 495.00/week For employees whose hours of work are unverifiable and who are not strictly remunerated by commission.
Nova Scotia 1-Apr-18 10.50/hour For inexperienced employees, i.e., a person who has not been employed for more than three months by any employer to do the work for which he/she is presently employed.
Nova Scotia 1-Apr-18 11.00/hour For employees employed in construction, property maintenance work and related activities.
Nova Scotia 1-Apr-19 11.05/hour For inexperienced employees, i.e., a person who has not been employed for more than three months by any employer to do the work for which he/she is presently employed.
Ontario 1-Jan-19 12.20/hour For employees who serve liquor in licensed establishments.
Ontario 1-Jan-19 13.15/hour Students under 18 employed up to 28 hours in a week, or during a school holiday
Ontario 1-Jan-19 15.40/hour For homeworkers. Rate based on 110% the general minimum wage rate.
Ontario 1-Jan-19 70.00/day For hunting and fishing guides working less than 5 hours in a day.
Ontario 1-Jan-19 140.00/day For hunting and fishing guides working 5 hours or more in a day.
Quebec 1-May-18 - For employees assigned mainly to non-mechanized operations relating to the picking of rasperberries or strawberries. The rates are established on the basis of yield ($0.95/kg of strawberries, $3.56/kg of raspberries).
Quebec 1-May-18 9.80/hour For employees who usually receive gratuities.
Yukon 1-Apr-18 - For employees engaged in government construction work. Rates are based on occupational classification. For example, the hourly rate for a general labourer is $24.12.

Source: Minimum Wage Database. Current And Forthcoming Minimum Hourly Wage Rates For Young Workers and Specific Occupations. http://srv116.services.gc.ca/dimt-wid/sm-mw/rpt3.aspx, Last Visited January 26, 2019.

Cost of Living in Canada

The following table shows a comparison of average living expenses (quoted in Canadian Dollar currency) across four Canadian cities to give you a glimpse on how much you would need to live in Canada.   

Expense * Vancouver Toronto Winnipeg Regina
Apartment, 1BR in City Centre 1,912.77 2,027.16 966.78 1,096.20
Apartment, 1BR outside of City Centre 1,482.95 1,585.50 889.86 960.59
Basic utilities e.g. electricity, heating, water, garbage for an 85 sq.m. apartment 78.47 164.34 156.87 206.42
Internet, 60Mbps or more, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL 76.07 67.91 74.25 67.55
Transportation, Monthly Pass Regular Price 95.00 146.24 100.10 92.00
Gasoline, 1 liter 1.54 1.29 1.16 1.15
Regular Milk, 1 liter 2.28 2.78 1.71 1.97
White Rice, 1 kg. 3.95 4.33 3.40 3.29
Loaf of Fresh White Bread, 500g 2.89 3.22 2.29 2.64
Eggs, 1 dozen 3.85 3.62 3.29 3.53
Chicken breasts, boneless and skinless 15.63 17.75 11.25 14.43
Beef round, 1kg, 15.02 22.13 10.17 15.26
Potato, 1 kg. 2.31 3.37 2.18 3.38
Tomato, 1 kg. 4.28 4.29 3.52 3.92
Banana, 1kg. 1.73 2.11 1.83 1.79
Water, 1.5 liter bottle 2.33 2.84 2.17 2.29
Domestic Beer, .5 liter bottle 2.69 2.87 2.02 3.04
Meal, inexpensive restaurant 15.00 20.00 15.00 15.00
McMeal at McDonalds (or equivalent Combo Meal) 10.00 11.00 9.60 9.50
Cappuccino, regular 4.32 4.35 3.89 4.42
Cinema, International Release 15.00 15.00 12.00 13.50
Pair of Levi jeans or similar 72.01 68.78 65.37 60.00
1 Summer Dress in a Chain Store e.g. Zara, H&M 42.96 48.36 38.95 49.11
Toyota Corolla 1.61 97kW Comfort or equivalent new car 23,518.92 23,968.14 23,847.19 24,754.38

 * All expenses are quoted in CAD as of Jan. 26, 2019.  Source of data is http://www.numbeo.com/ 

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