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Why Study in Canada: 4 Top Reasons

With affordable tuition fees, quality education, post-study work options and world renowned institutions, Canada is a leading destination for international students aspiring to study overseas.

Jennifer ArandaOriginally posted on February 9, 2018; updated February 9, 2018

Why Study in Canada: 4 Top Reasons

Why Study in Canada?


Before you finally decide where you'd like to study, review all possible options. There isn't a "one size fits all" plan after all, especially if you are considering higher education outside your home country.

If studying overseas appeals to you though, you may want to consider studying in Canada.  And, international student enrollment in Canada is bound to increase until 2022 given that Canada's International Education Strategy already announced its ambitious goal of increasing the number to 450,000.

Thinking about stitching that maple leaf on your jersey this year?  Here are the other reasons why people choose to study in Canada.


Canada's education system is world-class.

Easily one of the most popular study abroad destinations, Canada offers a variety of programs offered by an admirable portfolio of Canadian world-class universities, publicly-funded and private community colleges or applied arts or science schools.

This variety of education choices is the result of a standardized Canadian post-secondary education system with strict quality controls that are monitored regularly.  These high academic standards ensure that  a Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is globally recognized as being equivalent to those obtained from the United States and other Commonwealth countries.

And with a range of education options, you may also choose co-op programs that will provide you an avenue for practical application of what you've learned in your classroom lectures and laboratory exercises.


Costs of studying in Canada is generally lower.

If you're like most applicants, the amount of investment to pursue overseas studies will be a major factor in making a decision on where to study. 

Canada's advantage is that education (tuition fee and other miscellaneous fees), even for international students, is generally less than its other first-world counterparts.  In fact, living expenses and medical insurance is lower on average, than the cost of living in Great Britain, United States and Australia.

Moreover, If you possess excellent academic credentials, the Canadian government and some universities and publicly funded tertiary education providers offer scholarships, grants and bursaries for international students at both the undergraduate and graduate level.


International students in Canada may have an opportunity to apply for immigration.

Attracting international students in all education sectors is the priority of the Canadian Council of Ministers of Education.  However, the plan is not just about bringing foreign students to Canada but also on retaining these same individuals after graduation.

The result is that international students are offered opportunities to remain in the country on post-graduation work permits.  This opportunity, however,  is contingent on the program level you take so be sure you choose the right one that best fits your career pathway.

You can also take heart in the fact that you may find it easier to gain additional immigration points if you do decide to apply for permanent residence under any economic immigration program best suited to you and your credentials.


Enjoy a high quality of life while studying in Canada.

It's not a secret that multiculturalism is an official policy of the country.  This is important for you as an international student as it means you will be  able to adapt faster and flourish due to Canada's ethnic and linguistic diversity.

Whether you decide to live in the cities or in a more laid back environment, you can be assured that you will be living in safe and healthy communities with relatively lower crime rate than many first world countries. You will, after all, be protected by the same laws  concerning respect for human rights, equality, support for a stable and peaceful society that cover Canada's citizens and permanent residents.

Are you a tech-savvy person?  You'll be happy to know that Canada is the first country in the world to connect its schools and libraries to the internet.  Research in the field of computer and information technology allows Canada to ride the tech wave in telecommunications, biotechnology, medical devices and aerospace engineering.


What else is there to ask for?  Awe-inspiring mountains and stunning natural landscapes, government-driven commitment to culture and education, world-class affordable academics all contribute to making Canada a great choice in which to pursue career and personal growth.

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Jennifer Aranda

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