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Visa Bulletin Report February 2016

You may call us for the fastest moving, the crawling categories and how each classification moved from last month (January) and from February of last year.

Crispin ArandaOriginally posted on January 12, 2016; updated February 16, 2016

Visa Bulletin Report February 2016

February 2016 Visa Bulletin

Quite a number of people lost their place in the visa waiting line, some even had their visa applications cancelled for not being up to date on their priority dates and unaware of the fact that their visa petition could be cancelled for failure to act.


That would not include you, because you are reading this month's Visa Bulletin. Congratulations.

    Jan 2016           

    Final        Filing       

F1    6-01-03    9-01-05   

F2A    8-16-14    6-15-15   

F2B    1-01-05    5-01-05   

F3    11-01-93    8-01-95   

F4    7-22-92    1-01-93


OW    11-01-07    1-01-10

February 2016

Final        Filing

F1    11-01-03        9-01-05

F2A    9-01-14        6-15-15

F2B    2-01-05        5-01-05

F3    11-22-93        8-01-95

F4    8-08-92        1-01-93


OW    1-08-08        1-01-10

February 2015

F1    1-08-05

F2A    5-08-13

F2B    2-22-04

F3    7-15-93

F4    8-08-91


OW    8-080-91


Not so good news first.

The cut-off period for the Filing Dates did not move from January to February this year.

Now, the good news, relatively speaking.  Just a reminder, the spouses, minor children and parents of U.S. Citizens are exempt from the annual quota or numerical limits since they are classified as “Immediate Relatives” whereas the other categories, while classified as “Preference” must wait for their turn on the visa dates.

In the Family Preference category, the Final cut-off dates were generous only to the F1 (Unmarried, over 21 son/daughter of a U.S. Citizen) as it moved 5 months from January cut-off dates this year. The F2A and F2B moved 1 months each category, the F3 and F4 by 2 weeks.  

The Employment-based category (EB3 and Other Workers) moved 2 months and 7 days (Jan to Feb 2016).  For the same month last year, this category moved by a year. The other Family-sponsored categories moved approximately 1 year each. Only the F3 classification crawled slowly to 4 months and 1 week.

Still on the positive side: it’s not only good but actually better to complete documentation based on the cut-off date under the “Filing Dates”.  It is best to double check if there are any inconsistencies or discrepancies in any of the dates, spelling, names of each document being submitted.

It would be extremely disappointing to be asked to submit additional documents on the interview date simply because you have overlooked certain requirements or failed to correct clerical or typographical errors.

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Crispin Aranda

Crispin Aranda

Crispin R. Aranda is an established International Visa Conselor and Immigrant Advocate. He is the president of IVC and is in several migration radio programs.

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