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Toronto College Assists Students with Careers, Jobs

Find out how to score Brownie points towards your career and migration pathway as an international student with George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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Toronto College Assists Students with Careers, Jobs
Updated May 15, 2018 | Canada

Filipinos - like other international students - have increasingly chosen Canada as the country to study, work and later on pursue career and permanent residency.

In 2006, there were only 411 Filipino students with study permits in Canada, according to Statistics Canada.  In 2015 the number has zoomed to 3,065. Impressive but still small compared to Chinese and Indian students 139,872 and 62,367 respectively.

However, Filipinos have consistently been on top of those granted permanent residency since having completed a Canadian academic course and ready access to employers boost their points to be invited to apply for permanent residency through Express Entry. 

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