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Study, work and be nominated for Residency

Manitoba has three pathways for international students to apply for permanent residency through the province's nomination program.

Crispin Aranda

Study, work and be nominated for Residency

Study, work and be nominated for Canadian residency

As illustrated in our related article on how a Skilled Worker Overseas may be eligible for nomination as a permanent residency by Manitoba , an applicant must have a strong connection to Manitoba, and obtain a score at least 60 points based on five factors in order to be eligible.

Strong connection primarily refers to international students enrolled in specified academic programs in Canada as well as those who are currently on a temporary work visa.

An intending applicant overseas in the age range of 21 to 45 would get 10 points; then 18 points for getting a CLB Level 7 (IELTS equivalent of 6.0 in all language components); 15 points for work experience of 4 years minimum; 20 points for a bachelor’s degree or a potential total of 63 points.

An applicant with a one-year post-secondary or trade certificate gets 14 points.  The potential total get only 57 points.

This second applicant may improve his or her total by getting higher scores in the language proficiency test, or with a close relative in Manitoba gets an additional 20 points, increasing the total points to 77.

Applicants who do not have the skilled work experience may explore the Student to Resident pathway.  Manitoba offers two categories:

  1. International Education Stream, (IES  - For international students graduating in Manitoba and meeting the needs of industry.

There are three pathways:

  • Career Employment Pathway- provides a faster nomination pathway for post-secondary students who graduate and find long-term employment in Manitoba in an in-demand occupation consistent with their training. Graduates who meet these conditions are immediately eligible to apply to the MPNP after graduating and obtaining the job offer.
  • Graduate Internship Pathway. For international student master and doctoral graduates through internships contributing to industry innovation in Manitoba.
  • International Student Entrepreneur Pilot. Allows up to 20 (per calendar year) of international students who have graduated in Manitoba to pursue entrepreneurship rather than employment – and be nominated for permanent residency after meeting the conditions of their Business Performance Agreement.

Note: Graduates in another province of Canada are not be eligible under this stream but may be eligible under the renewed Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream.

Participating and accredited institution in Manitoba

Red River College (RRC) is the established, biggest and distinguished accredited educational institution in Manitoba.

RRC - Manitoba’s largest institute of applied learning and research - has more than 200 full- and part-time degree, diploma and certificate options. Through hands-on learning opportunities and state-of-the-art instruction, RRC prepare students to become leaders in their fields — while also ensuring they can meet changing industry demands, and contribute to the province’s economic growth.

By the Numbers

  • 94% of Red River College grads find work after graduation
  • 96% of employers are more than satisfied with RRC hires
  • 98% of RRC grads choose to stay and work in Manitoba
  • 45% of full-time, first-year students come to RRC with previous post-secondary experience
  • 24% of RRC students are immigrant or international learners, representing over 60 countries
  • RRC operates at full capacity, welcoming close to 22,000 students each year

For a free matching academic program and assessment, send your completed and updated resume to visacenter@gmail.com .

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Crispin Aranda

Crispin Aranda

Crispin R. Aranda is an established International Visa Conselor and Immigrant Advocate. He is the president of IVC and is in several migration radio programs.

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