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Proof of Funds–Canada Skilled Immigrants Express Entry

If you intend to apply for skilled immigration to Canada, you have to demonstrate that you and your accompanying family members have sufficient money to settle in the country without having to resort to using public funds.

Proof of Funds–Canada Skilled Immigrants Express Entry

The amount of "Proof of Funds" changes from time to time and will depend on the size of your family. As this information is needed in your Express Entry profile, you will have to update your settlement fund numbers if you are an applicant under the Federal Skilled Worker and Federal Skilled Trades Programs. For all you know, the Express Entry system may find you are eligible for more than one program!

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You don't have to show Proof of Funds if you are applying under the Canadian Experience Class, or you are authorized to work in Canada, and you have a valid job offer.

When calculating the size of your family, you must include your spouse and dependent children even if they are Canadian citizens or permanent residents or are not accompanying you to Canada.

The table below shows the minimum amount needed to immigrate to Canada.

Number of Family Members Funds Required in CAD
1 12,960
2 16,135
3 19,836
4 24,083
5 27,315
6 30,806
7 34,299
For each additional family member   3,492 


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