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Overseas Work, Job Offers for Residency and Occupations List

Here are the links to employers in Australia, Canada, New Zealand if you wish to either submit your resume directly for consideration or you simply want to know if your occupation is in demand based on the number of hits.

April 21, 2015

Overseas Work, Job Offers for Residency and Occupations List

If you do not have a relative or friend who can get you arranged offer of employment you can log on to the job sites below (in the specified country) to find out the demand for your occupation.  If an employer responds positively but does not know how to proceed, we can help. For Filipinos who would like to check available and approved job orders through licensed recruitment agencies, this is the official link - POEA Approved Job Orders. Intending to work in Spain? Read this employment bulletin first. Learn more about employment opportunities (or difficulty of getting one here - Europe Statistics on Employment/Unemployment

1.  Canada's Job Bank - An arranged offer of employment gives you 600 points and a virtual invitation to apply for residency through Canada's Express Entry selection system. Steps for Employer to file LMIA for Temporary Worker Overseas LMIA for Temporary Worker Program

2.  Australia - Seeking nomination by an employer. Applicants with job offers are processed faster.  Seek here.

3.  Australia's Occupations List eligible for permanent residency- For Independent Migrants. If you wish to be nominated by a State or Territory, your occupation must be on this list - Occupations of Australian's States and Territories

3.  New Zealand - A job offer gets youi 50 points towards a 100 points qualifying total and virtually assures invitation to apply for residency.  EZ to check. Seek Jobs in NZ

4.  United Kingdom - Your occupation must be on this shortage list to be eligible for sponsorship by a UK registered employer. UK Shortage Occupations by April 2015.  For the rest of the EU,, Jobs in Europe should be a good first stop to look for potential employers.

5.  United States - Employers in the US must sponsor employers every April of each year under the H-1B category.  You can  try this Employer or Agency Search here or another source -  Alternate Direct Job Source and there is also the site for Jobs with the US Government .

Please note that the 65,000 annual quota gets filled up within days. Check the details of 2016 quota - US Work Visa Caps and Allocation 2016

For workers sponsored as immigrants, the cut-off date moves fast or slow. For May 2015, the 3rd Employment Preference category moved back 7 years. For the latest visa bulletin, click here - US Visa Builletin

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