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Northern Territory Nomination and Occupation List 2018

If your occupation is not on the list, you may still apply for Northern Territory Government nomination. We are sharing the official details with our readers for their benefit at no cost or obligation.

Crispin ArandaOriginally posted on March 20, 2018; updated March 20, 2018

Northern Territory Nomination and Occupation List 2018

10 Things you can only do in NT

Whether you're young or old, keen for adventure or looking to relax, on a budget or ready to splurge, a holiday in the Northern Territory is an experience like no other.

The Northern Territory offers some of the world's unique travel experiences. From traversing the Red Centre to getting up close and personal with Aussie wildlife, a trip to the NT will leave you with memories you'll treasure forever.

Here are ten things you can only do in the NT - the most diverse and magical part of Australia.

1. Go swimming with Crocs in the Cage of Death, Darwin

If we didn't get you at 'swimming with crocs', we surely won you over with 'cage of death'!

The Cage of Death at Crocosaurus Cove is submerged underwater in a crocodile enclosure, allowing you to get up close and personal with your new scaly pal in a safe environment. Safe it may be, but it is still guaranteed to get the heart pumping!

Crocosaurus Cove, situated right in the heart of Darwin, does things a little differently to your average zoo. This is no regular crocodile park. You can go fishing for crocodiles, swim with the salties, hold a baby croc or watch the big fellas at feeding time.

2. Immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture on the Tiwi Islands, north of Darwin

Just 80km north of Darwin, the Tiwi Islands - the collective name for Bathurst and Melville islands - are fast becoming a must-see destination for tourists keen to experience authentic Aboriginal culture. All it takes is a 30 minute flight or a couple of hours by ferry and you’re there.

Learn about traditional Australian art and burial rituals, enjoy totem dances and a smoking ceremony, take in a game of Australian rules football, or get in a spot of fishing at some of the most secluded retreats in the world. The Tiwi Islands offer the perfect blend of nature and culture, and they truly are like nowhere else in the world.

If you want an organised tour, reputable operators include Tiwi Islands Adventures, AAT Kings and SeaLink. If you're going it alone, make sure you contact the Tiwi Land Council for all the appropriate permits.

There’s a reason the area is nicknamed the ‘Island of Smiles’. Head to the Tiwi Islands and find out why.

3. Hook yourself a million bucks with Million Dollar Fish in the Territory’s Top End

Fishing in the Northern Territory is world famous, and, even better, it’s the only place in the world where you can reel in your line and become a millionaire. The Million Dollar Fish promotion is fast becoming one of the most popular events on the NT calendar.

Each year, Tourism NT tags 101 barramundi at fishing hotspots around the Top End. 100 of them carry a

4. Walk through Bruce Munro's illuminated art installation at the Field of Light Uluru

The Northern Territory is known for spectacular scenery and an array of stunning natural colours – but there's nothing quite like the Field of Lightlocated in the shadow of Uluru.

Created by acclaimed artist Bruce Munro, the spectacular Uluru light show - made up of more than 50,000 solar lights - contrasts perfectly with the setting sun and the brilliant night sky. Initially created in 2016, the outdoor light exhibition will be on display until March 2020 – meaning there's no time like the present.

5. Tube through Redbank Gorge in the West MacDonnell Ranges

Dry and dusty plains and rocky outcrops adorn many a postcard of the Northern Territory – but it would be a mistake to forget the Red Centre's beautiful oases, where you can swim and even go tubing.

One of the most spectacular places to cool off is Redbank Gorge, in the West MacDonnell Ranges near Alice Springs. Glide between tall ochre cliffs in the comfort of your tyre tube, watching the ancient, awe-inspiring walls float by without a care in the world.

6. Build a boat made of beer cans at the Darwin Lions Beercan Regatta in Darwin

We’ve touched on a heap of unique experiences, but it doesn’t get much more ‘Northern Territory’ than Darwin’s Beer Can Regatta, held in July each year.

Join locals and tourists alike for this must-see yearly event. How do you get involved? Easy. Simply build yourself a boat out of aluminium beer cans and launch it into the water. Fun is guaranteed - even if your boat doesn’t float! However, if you're not up to building your own boat, it's almost as much fun to be a spectator and watch from the shore or the water.

It's a fun-filled event that supports recycling habits and gets behind many of the area's most promising initiatives, with all the money raised on the day going to local charities.

7. Ride choppers, floatplanes and airboats with Outback Floatplane Adventures

If you're keen to experience some Top End action and excitement, it's hard to look past Outback Floatplane Adventures.

Imagine a single tour where you can combine a scenic floatplane experience, a river cruise, a heart-pumping airboat ride, and an awe-inspiring helicopter flight, all in the one outing. You won't find anything like this anywhere else in the world.

You might even be lucky enough to meet owner Matt Wright, the chopper pilot, animal expert and star of reality TV series Outback Wrangler.

8. Segway around the world's biggest rock

Uluru is so big and beautiful that it can be viewed from any vantage point – but what about cruising around the rock on an off-road segway?

Segway tours are all the rage for their comfort and accessibility, but nowhere in the world will you have such a spectacular view as with Uluru Segway Tours. This is fast becoming one of the most popular Uluru tourist activities. It gives you the chance to get right up close to the rock, where you can get a feel for the grandeur and scale of the monolith.

Of course, there are plenty of other Uluru tour options, from helicopter tours to skydiving experiences to motorcycle excursions to camel rides. And if you just want to walk it, you can do that too!

9. Light up your own fireworks on Territory Day

For the most part, fireworks are illegal across Australia – but not on Territory Day! The first day of July is the anniversary of Northern Territory’s self governance, and the Territory Day fireworks have become an annual institution.

Fireworks can only be used between 6pm and 11pm on 1 July, and it is illegal to possess them thereafter – so you’d better let them rip while you can. But make sure you follow the safety precautions.

If you'd prefer to be a spectator, get a comfortable seat, sit back and watch the sparkle over Darwin's beautiful Mindil Beach or at one of the public fireworks displays in all major towns across the NT.

10. Eat a witchetty grub at Karrke Aboriginal Cultural Experience Tour in Kings Canyon

A trip to the Northern Territory wouldn't be complete without some bush tucker. Experience traditional Aboriginal cuisine first hand, including the witchetty grub, which has been a staple in Aboriginal diets for centuries.

The witchetty grub might look a little off-putting at first, but the buttery taste is well worth it – think a cross between roast chicken and popcorn.

There's plenty more to do on the Karrke Aboriginal Cultural Tour, including necklace making and traditional painting. You will also learn about bush medicine and the many plants and birds of the Red Centre.

How do you get there as a Nominated Skilled Migrant

Northern Territory Migration Occupation List 2018

Australia's Northern Territory (NT) Migration Occupation List includes occupations that are in demand in the NT and therefore eligible for NT nomination under the General Skilled Migration Program.

If your occupation is not on the list but is on the Australian Government's current list of eligible skilled occupations you can still apply for NT Government nomination.

You must provide strong evidence of good employment prospects in the NT either in your occupation or a closely related skilled occupation.You can show you have good employment prospects by providing:

  •  a statement describing how your skills and experience meet NT employer needs
  • evidence your occupation has been advertised in the NT multiple times and explanation of how your qualifications and experience match the job vacancy - you could provide screen dumps of the job adverts but webpage links are not sufficient
  • feedback from potential NT employers
  • an offer of employment letter from an NT employer
  • evidence of strong, well established family connections in the NT.

Offshore applicants

For a number of occupations on the Northern Territory Migration Occupation List, if you are applying from offshore, you must provide evidence of an offer of employment in your nominated occupation or in a closely related skilled occupation.

International graduates

If you are an international graduate who has not completed at least two years study in Australia's Northern Territory (NT) but you completed your studies in another Australian state, you can apply for nomination. You need to show that you have lived and worked in the NT in your skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation for over six months before applying for nomination. You may also be considered for nomination for the Skilled Regional Nominated (Subclass 489) visa.

If you are an eligible graduates who has undertaken at least two years of tertiary studies, leading to one or more qualifications while living in the NT, you can apply for the Skilled Regional Nominated (Provisional) (Subclass 489) visa or Skilled Nominated (Subclass 190) visa.

NT Government responsibilities

Australia's Northern Territory (NT) Government decides if it will offer you a nomination. Your employment prospects in the NT and NT industry needs are important factors in the decision. Occupations on the NT Migration Occupation List do not represent specific job vacancies. A nomination from the NT Government is not a job guarantee. You will have to compete in the NT labour market and you will be responsible for finding your own employment and accommodation.

The NT Government provides information and some assistance to nominated skilled migrants. It does not provide an employment placement service or financial assistance.

Success in finding employment in the NT will depend on employer requirements, your qualifications, skills and experience and your level of English.

By applying for nomination you must acknowledge that the NT Government:

  • nomination relates exclusively to the NT and does not apply outside of the NT
  • is not responsible for finding you employment, accommodation or providing financial assistance
  • is not liable for any inaccuracies or omissions in the information it provides you relating to your application, nor are its employees.

Northern Territory Migration Occupation List

Some occupations on this list require a specific language skill level.

For occupations marked with * on the list, where there is a mandatory licensing or registration requirement (marked with an asterisks and shaded rows in the table), the applicant will be required to demonstrate a level of English either sufficient to meet licensing / registration or a minimum IELTS 6.0 score in each band or equivalent, whichever is higher.

For occupations marked with !!, you need to have high level communication skills.

Where there are no indicators, the required level of English is at least IELTS 6 in each band or equivalent in one of the other English testing systems accepted by the Department of Home Affairs.

If you already live in the Northern Territory

You may be exempt from the specialisation requirements if you can show that you already live and work in the NT and you can demonstrate positive future employment prospects.

Northern Territory Migration Occupation List (A-F) - http://www.australiasnorthernterritory.com.au/migrate/migrate-to-work/northern-territory-government-visa-nomination/nt-migration-occupation-list/northern-territory-migration-occupation-list-a-f

Northern Territory Migration Occupation List (G-O) - http://www.australiasnorthernterritory.com.au/migrate/migrate-to-work/northern-territory-government-visa-nomination/nt-migration-occupation-list/northern-territory-migration-occupation-list-g-o

Northern Territory Migration Occupation List (P-Z) - http://www.australiasnorthernterritory.com.au/migrate/migrate-to-work/northern-territory-government-visa-nomination/nt-migration-occupation-list/northern-territory-migration-occupation-list-p-z


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