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How to make your Express Entry application move faster

Add to your CRS points to be one of thousands of candidates invited to apply for permanent residency and be among the million immigrants under Canada's Immigration Plan for 2018-2020.

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How to make your Express Entry application move faster
Written by Jennifer Aranda. with contributions from Crispin Aranda.
Updated June 28, 2018 | Canada

Check out the step-by-step process on how you may upgrade your candidate profile and enhance your chance or being invited to be a permanent resident.  Also, you now only have 60 instead of the former 90-days to submit and complete your application after being invited. Click the link for the video presentation. you may pause, go over the details, then resume.  Repeat as often as you need to,  Enjoy!

Most of the successful new Canadian permanent residents in this three-year period will likely be economic immigrants, coming in under the federal programs and provincial nominee programs using the Express Entry system. The federal programs are the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Canadian Experience Class, and Federal Skilled Trades Class.

In addition to applicants coming in from overseas, a number will be foreign temporary workers and international students will be applying for permanent residence in Canada.

Regardless of the economic program you qualify for, if it uses the Express Entry system to qualify candidates, we recommend checking the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS score of the lowest-ranked applicant.  This way, you will have a good idea on where your application stands and what you can do to increase your own CRS score.

The 2018 cut-off dates and CRS scores are as follows:

Round Number and Date Specific Programs  CRS Score of Lowest Ranked Candidate and number of ITAs Issued
95 - July 25, 2018 No program specified 441 - 3,750
94 - July 11, 2018 No program specified 442 - 3,750
93 - June 25, 2018 No program specified 452 - 3,750
92 - June 13, 2018 No program specified 451 - 3,750
91 - May 30, 2018 Federal Skilled Trades Program; Provincial Nominee Program

288 - 500 for the Federal Skilled Trades Program

902 - 200 for the Provincial Nominee Program

90 - May 23, 2018 No program specified 440 - 3,500
89 - May 9, 2018 No program specified 441 - 3,500
88 - April 25, 2018 No program specified 441 - 3,500
87 - April 11, 2018 No program specified 444 - 3,500
86 - March 26, 2018 No program specified 446 - 3,000
85 - March 14, 2018 No program specified 456 - 3,000
84 - February 21, 2018 No program specified 442 - 3,000
83 - February 7, 2018 No program specified 442 - 3,000
82 - January 24, 2018 No program specified 444 - 2,750
81 - January 10, 2018 No program specified 446 - 2,750

Unless otherwise specified, Express Entry Rounds described as "No program specified" means that applicants under the following economic streams were selected:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Class
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Canadian Experience Class

It's best to apply as soon as you have completed documentation.  In the event of a tie, the individual who files his application earlier has an edge over others who have the same CRS score.

To better your chances of getting higher points under the Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS, you may want to do any of the following:

  • Retake your language proficiency exam and aim to score higher;
  • Take another language proficiency exam and aim to score high;
  • Search for employment;
  • Take further studies in your home country or Canada.

And remember, some provincial nominee streams do not require you to have an Express Entry profile. You may want to check these from time to time and apply to the province directly.

About the Author

Jennifer Aranda

Jennifer Aranda

Jennifer S. Aranda is the COO of IVC Immigrant Visa Center, Inc.

About the Contributor

Crispin Aranda

Crispin Aranda

Crispin R. Aranda is an established International Visa Conselor and Immigrant Advocate. He is the president of IVC and is in several migration radio programs.

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