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How to check if you meet Australia's registration standard for RNs

Until an accredited nursing program (and other healthcare academic courses) were approved for Filipino students to meet registration standards of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia, Filipino nurses need to complete a bridging course in Australia as part of their migration pathway to residency.

Crispin Aranda

Checking your eligibility to meet NMBA standards for Registered Nurses

For an internationally qualified nurse such as a licensed RN in the Philippines intending to work and/or migrate to Australia, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) recommends completion of the Self-Check. We are sharing this for reference and informational purposes only. (IVC).

The complete and latest info is on the NMBA website - https://www.nursingmidwiferyboard.gov.au/Registration-and-Endorsement/International/Completing-the-Self-check.aspx

What is the Self-check?

If you are an internationally qualified nurse or midwife (IQNM) who wishes to register in Australia, you will need to complete the Self-check before applying for registration. It is important to read all of the information on this page before starting the Self-check. Once you have read this information, there is a link to the Self-check. If your qualification is available to select from the list, once you complete the Self-check you will be assigned to one of three streams. If your qualification is not available to select from the list, once you complete Self-check you will be advised of the steps you need to complete in order for AHPRA to assess your qualification and assign you to a stream. The stream assigned is dependent on which qualification assessment criteria your qualification(s) meet (see Meeting the registration requirements for information on the criteria).

IQNMs in each stream have different steps (assessment stages) to complete before being eligible to apply for registration.

The three streams are:

Stream A - IQNMs who hold a qualification considered to be substantially equivalent, or based on similar competencies, to an approved qualification

Stream B - IQNMs who hold a qualification that is relevant to the profession, but is not substantially equivalent, nor based on similar competencies to an approved qualification

Stream C – IQNMs who hold a qualification that is not substantially equivalent or relevant to an approved qualification

The following figure shows which stream IQNMs will be assigned to based on the qualification assessment criteria their qualification(s) meet.

The Self-check only identifies the required assessment stages for IQNMs seeking registration. It does not assess whether an individual can meet the eligibility requirements for registration. In other words, completing the assessment stages following Self-check does not guarantee that your application for registration will be successful.

A non-refundable IQNM assessment fee (assessment and orientation) of $640 must be paid and Orientation Part 1 must be completed by all IQNMs in the following cohorts in order to proceed in the IQNM assessment process:

  • IQNMs in Stream A
  • IQNMs in Stream B
  • IQNMs who require their qualification(s) to be assessed

For more information about these and subsequent assessment stages, please see Steps after Self-check (assessment stages).

Who should complete the Self-check?

Only internationally qualified nurses or midwives should complete the Self-check. The Self-check cannot be completed by a third party or agent on your behalf.

Please note, where there is only one level of nursing in the country an IQNM obtained their primary qualification, they can only seek registration in Australia as a registered nurse (RN).

Who should not complete the Self-check?

Provision of information

When completing the Self-check, you will be asked to provide some information about your qualification(s) and some personal information. Further information will be requested at other assessment stages and you may have to provide some of the same information more than once. This is because external providers deliver different components of the assessment stages such as the orientation program and the multiple-choice question (MCQ) exam.

Tips for completing the Self-check

  • Read all of the webpages on the NMBA's website relating to the IQNM assessment process to ensure you are well informed before starting the Self-check. 
  • Read the Registration standards before starting the Self-check. You will be asked during the Self-check to confirm you have read, understood and can meet the requirements of the Registration Standards.
  • Make sure the information you provide is correct. When entering personal details and/or qualification information, it is important that you carefully check the information provided is true and correct.
    • If you realize the information you provided is incorrect at the Summary page of the Self-check, you will need to restart your Self-check to be able to provide the correct information. 
    • Information cannot be changed once submitted, unless you contact AHPRA. This will make the process slower.
    • If you enter incorrect qualification information, the advice you get on steps to registration may also be incorrect. Changes of the required steps to registration may result in you having to pay additional fees.
  • Only complete Self-check for your primary profession i.e. nursing or midwifery. If you are seeking dual registration as a registered nurse and as a midwife, you will need to complete the Self-check for your primary qualification first then contact AHPRA.
  • If there is only one level of nursing in the country you obtained your primary qualification, select 'Registered nurse' when selecting your division on the Self-check.
  • Have proof of your qualifications. If you complete the Self-check and wish to proceed with the assessment process after being assigned to Stream A or Stream B, you will be asked to provide documentary evidence of holding the qualification(s) you entered at Self-check. This information will be required at the registration application stage for Stream A, and the Portfolio stage for Stream B (See Steps after Self-check (assessment stages) and Applying for registration).
  • Remember that completing the process does not guarantee registration. The Self-check only identifies the assessment stages that you must successfully complete before you can apply for registration. It does not assess whether you meet the eligibility requirements for registration. Only after you apply for registration after successfully completing all required assessment stages, will your registration application be assessed against the eligibility requirements.

Ready to complete the Self-check? Click on the link at the top of the article.

Once registered, you - the RN - is ready for assessment by ANMAC for permanent migration to Australia.


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