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How New Zealand Selects Immigrant

In a perfect world getting 100 in an exam puts you on top. In New Zealand, 100 is only a passing grade, not sufficient to get you to the next level.

March 23, 2013

How New Zealand Selects Immigrant


How to Apply for Permanent Residency to New Zealand thru the Expression of Interest Programme

Our New Zealand partner, a duly Licensed Immigration Adviser, Mr. Christie Qadir, shares with us the steps in applying for a resident visa under New Zealand’s Skilled Migrant Category.

The two steps to applying for a resident visa under the Skilled Migrant Category are:

 1.  Complete and submit the Expression of Interest (EOI) form, online or on paper. Online application is recommended as it is cheaper and faster.  No documents are to be submitted at this stage.

 2.  EOI is received, acknowledged and those who are most eligible get an invitation to apply for permanent residency.  The evidence supporting the claim for eligibility would have to be submitted at this stage.

 The fee is NZ$510 for online EOIs, or NZ$650 for paper EOIs. Online EOIs cost less because they require less processing than a paper EOI.

 How are EOIs selected?

You need a minimum of 100 points to submit an EOI and for your application to be included in the pool.  The selection is made from the highest to the lowest (100).  EOIs with 140 or more are automatically invited to apply. Those between 100 and 139 which includes points for a skilled job or job offer are invited or considered next.  If there are still places available, those with lower points are selected based on additional criteria.

 If your EOI is selected…

..the New Zealand Immigration Service sends you a form that includes all of the information provided in the EOI.  The evidence in support of the EOI must be submitted including those that establish the eligibility of everyone included in the application: health, character, and English language requirements. The appropriate visa fee is also paid at this stage.

 Three Possible Outcomes

After evaluating the evidence submitted, NZIS either:

1.     Grant you residence.

2.     Defer your application and offer you a temporary work visa so you can work while you get a skilled job offer. If you get skilled work, we will approve your residence application.

3.     Refuse or decline your application.

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