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Evaluation of Credentials to Work, Study, Migrate

Philippine education maybe patterned after the American system but the recognition does not translate to the issuance of a study, work or residence visa unless the applicant can show evidence of official equivalency.

Crispin ArandaMay 2, 2015

Evaluation of Credentials to Work, Study, Migrate

Official evaluation of a Filipino applicant's credentials (also referred to as qualifications) by a specific assessing body (organization or agency, private or government respectively) is required before a Filipino professional or skilled worker could practice his or her profession in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Australia or the UK.  

EUROPE - European Qualification Framework is the first place to start since a person's academic credentials usually is the basis for hiring in the professions. Because of the myriad regulations in Europe, there is no single evaluating body for an applicant seeking work or migrant status since the requirements for the occupation could be ascertained by different evaluating bodies.

Canada and the USA gives authority to verify credentials/qualifications to provinces and States respectively.

The recognition process in Canada (for regulated occupations) is different in each province or territory and for each profession or trade.

If you need to have your credentials assessed for educational purposes, there are two main organizations recognized and authorized to evaluate credentials: (1) World Education Services and (2) ICAS - International Credential Assessment Service  of Canada.

The New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) assesses or recognizes the equivalency of foreign credentials of those intending to work, migrate or study in New Zealand. 

Qualifications in the UK, Wales and Northern Ireland goes from Entry Level to Level 8.  To find out the equivalent level to your academic qualifications obtained in your country, this is the link UK Qualification Framework

Registered Nurses may find the regulatory body in the country of intended work or migration here - RN Assessment

Shown below are the assessing bodies for those seeking WORK or RESIDENCE status in Australia.  

Australia - the assessing organization for most professions and skilled occupations is VETASSESS.  There are different assessing bodies for different professions, the most common of which are 

AITSL for Teachers (primary, secondary or tertiary);

Engineers Australia for the major types of engineering occupations and technicians;


Australian Computer Society for IT professions (programmers, developers, etc).

Accountants with ICAA which is one of three authorized organizations. The other two are Institute of Public Accountants and the CPA Australia

Healthcare workers such as Doctors, Registered Nurses, Therapists etc. have separate and distinct assessing organizations.  For the appropriate and specific assessing body, please send your complete resume (with job descriptions) to visacenter@gmail.com or call / text +63-917-534-8472.

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Crispin Aranda

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