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Check your score as Skilled Worker in Australia, Canada, New Zealand

The migration landscape of these countries are changing: doors open and close depending on the federal, state, regional or provincial needs. Take a quick self-assessment.

Crispin Aranda

Check your score as Skilled Worker in Australia, Canada, New Zealand


Check which country wants you.

Australia, Canada and New Zealand use a points-based immigrant selection system. The U.S. admits immigrants only for those with qualified relatives or arranged offer of employment.

Canada has the Express Entry, New Zealand the Expression of Interest and Australia – SkillSelect.  These selection systems have common denominators or criteria: age, education or qualification, work experience and English/language proficiency.

Applicants with job offers or who have studied or worked in the country of intended destination have advantages or edge over those with similar qualifications and age range.


Australia's SkillSelect set a minimum of 65 to submit an Expression of Interest.  In reality an applicant must have at least 70 t0 80 points to be invited to apply for the two most popular subclasses, Subclass 189 Skilled Independent and Subclass 190 State or Territory Nominated,

While Canada has three programs administered under Express Entry, a candidate only needs 67 points to be in the pool. The comprehensive ranking scores however see-saw from 434 to 460.  A provincial nomination gives an applicant 600 points, but most provinces require that an applicant must first have a complete candidate profile in the pool.

New Zealand on the other hand sets 160 as the points required to be invited to apply for permanent residency.

Check where you are most likely to be selected or invited to apply:




New Zealand





Age Range



18-24 = 25

25-32 = 30

33-49 = 25

40-44 = 15


20-39 = 30

40-44 = 20

45-49 = 10

50-55 = 5


20 – 29

Single = 110

Married = 100

Points less than 5 from this age range

17and younger = 0

45 and over = 0


No age limit, and selection is not points-tested, so far.

English proficiency

IELTS score of 7 each = 10

8 each = 20

6.5 to 7 overall band score preferred but not part of formula

6.5 in speaking, writing, reading and 7.5 in listening minimum. Higher scores improve score.

Healthcare occupations require minimum 6.5 to 7 overall band score.



Bachelor’s degree

Two degrees=/diploma

Masters / PhD

Secondary HS Diploma





PhD =20-










S = 120/ M = 1 1

S =128 / M=119

S =126  / M=135

S = 30  / M = 28


Bachelor’s degree required for HJ-1B work visas, Masters for the EB2 category


Work Experience Offshore and Canadian

3 - 4 = 5

5 – 7 = 10

8 – 10 = 15

2 = 10  / 4 = 20

6 = 30 / 8 = 40

10 or more = 50


3 to 4 Years

Tied to English proficiency level

Work experience is basically an employer or occupational requirement

Qualified Relatives

Only in designated areas


Not applicable

Siblng = 15

Other relatives count for provincial nomination

Family petitions or sponsorship / Quota or Non-quota


Arranged employment


Job  Offer


N/A - Job offer falls in another subclass



Job offer = 50

Job offer outside Auckland = 30

Job offer for occupation in the Long Term Skills Shortage List = 10-


Occupation in O, A or B = 50


Managerial level structure = 200


Required for Employment based (

EB2 or EB3 unless national interest is shown.

Nomination by State, Territory or Province

State /Territory – Nomination = 5


Nolt applicab le


Province = 600


Not aopplicable


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Crispin Aranda

Crispin Aranda

Crispin R. Aranda is an established International Visa Conselor and Immigrant Advocate. He is the president of IVC and is in several migration radio programs.

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