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Changes in UK's Tier 4 Protocol: Non-EU International Students Must Leave After Studies

Changes in Tier 4 Student Visa Processing Aimed at Decreasing Immigration Abuse.

July 20, 2015

Changes in UK's Tier 4 Protocol: Non-EU International Students Must Leave After Studies
The announcement was made by UK Home Secretary Theresa May on July 14, 2015 and was picked up by newspapers immediately thereafter and circulated.

One thing remains clear though.  This new policy is aimed at further decreasing the number of non-EU students who remain in the UK after completing their studies.  

If implemented strictly, the Conservatives in government will be able to bring down Net Migration Levels to a level that they pledged in 2010, reduce immigration abuse by stopping colleges from being used as a "back door to a British work visa."

These are the summary of changes that will be implemented in 2015 by the British Home Office for Non-EU students:
From August 
? Students at publicly-funded colleges will be barred from working
? University students will only be allowed to study a new course at the same level IF there is "a link to their previous course or if the university confirms that this new study program supports their career aspirations."
From September-October (Autumn)
? Tier 4 dependents will be allowed to take part-time or full-time work as long as said work is considered skilled.
From November
? Allow only college students to extend their Tier 4 visas if they are studying in a college that has a formal, direct link to a Home Office-recognized university.  College students who are enrolled at an "embedded college" will be required to apply for the visa extension from outside the UK.
? Reduce the time limit for study at Further Education Levels.  The new norm from November 2015 will be 2 years.
? College students will not be allowed to get temporary work (Tier 5) or apply for Highly Skilled Migration (Tier 2) unless they apply outside the UK.

If you intend to enroll in a non-degree post-secondary program in the UK, you should know that you will be required to leave the country once you conclude your studies.

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