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Canada's Residency Program: Win and Draw

If you have submitted an application for permanent residency to Canada through Express Entry and you got the draw, you win. If not, your application remains in the pool and you still have a chance for a year

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Canada's Residency Program: Win and Draw
Posted on April 4, 2015 | Canada

Canada Residency Program: Win and Draw


Three months and six draws after Express Entry started, the minimum points (intake threshold) needed continues to go down even as the invitations issued to qualified candidates go up.

Express Entry is a residency selection system set up by the Canadian government through Citizenship and Immigration Canada to manage the country’s various permanent residency programs: the Federal Skilled Worker (FSW), Federal Skilled Trades (FTSP) and Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Prior to the Express Entry intending immigrants submit their application directly to each of the three programs. Each program has its own set of criteria for a candidate to qualify

Under Express Entry eligible candidates for one of the federal economic programs submit their profile(s) into the Express Entry pool after complying with the two basic requirements: evidence of English or language proficiency and evaluation of their credentials.

Candidate profiles are ranked according to a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). Profiles in the candidate pool are available to the federal and provincial governments as well as to Canadian employers in need of specific occupation or skills.

Those with the highest scores get invitations to apply for permanent residency. Each draw sets the lowest scores for a candidate to be invited.  See the graph for the number of invitations issued and the lowest CRS scores for each draw.

Date of Draw

Invitations Issued

Lowest CRS Points

Jan. 31, 2015



Feb. 7, 2015



Feb. 20, 2015



Feb. 27, 2015



Mar. 20, 2015



Mar. 27, 2015



The highest score a candidate could get is 1,200 points.  An arranged offer of employment earns a candidate 600 points: so does a nomination from a province.

For the 5th and 6th draws, it has become apparent that invitations were issued to candidate even though they do not have been nominated by a province nor has a job offer.

For more information on how to increase your chance of being invited, you may call the Immigrant Visa Center at +632-634-8717 or call/text +63-917-529-8472.

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