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Canada's National Consultation on Immigration

Right on the heels of Brexit and the emergent call of Scotland, France and other EU member countries about remaining or breaking away from the European Union, Canada has initiated a nationwide consultation on how Canada's immigration program should define Canadian citizens and residents 150 years from now.

Crispin ArandaOriginally posted on July 6, 2016; updated July 13, 2016

Canada's National Consultation on Immigration

Canada’s National Discussion on Immigration

How would its citizens and residents want Canada to look 150 years from now?  Would you fit the profile of immigrants Canada wants in the next years, decades and even more than a century hence?

This in essence, is what the national conversation on immigration seeks to determine through a wide-ranging consultation nationwide.

Historically, Canada’s immigration laws, regulations and policies change course with the strength and direction of political winds and economic currents.  The House of Common members  are elected on five-year terms; senators with permanent tenure till age 75.  Prime Ministers in turn man the oars, changing direction either at mid-sea or upon arrival at the next port.

Since Canada is not insulated from global developments, this “national conversation” is seen as a need to validate the program thrusts of the Trudeau government as to the type of immigrants Canada wants in the next five years at least, when and how many for a specified period and how much intending immigrants need to pay to stay – temporarily or otherwise.

Please note that the national conversation is limited to stakeholders in Canada. permanent residents included.

Incidentally, the national conversation came on the heels of Brexit and the portent of Europe disintegrating, putting Canada on the crosshairs of millions of immigrants who need freedom of movement and better opportunities inside a country with Open Doors instead of one in a Closed Europe.


Strengthening our Canadian fabric

  • How many newcomers should we welcome to Canada in 2017 and beyond?
  • How can we best support newcomers to ensure they become successful members of our communities?
  • Do we have the balance right among the immigration programs or streams? If not, what priorities should form the foundation of Canada's immigration planning?

1000 words maximumUnlocking Canada's diverse needs

  • How can immigration play a role in supporting economic growth and innovation in Canada?
  • Should there be more programs for businesses to permanently hire foreign workers if they can't find Canadians to fill the job?
  • What is the right balance between attracting global talent for high-growth sectors, on the one hand, and ensuring affordable labour for businesses that have historically seen lower growth, on the other?
  • How can immigration fill in the gaps in our demographics and economy?
  • What Canadian values and traditions are important to share with newcomers to help them integrate into Canadian society?

1000 words maximumModernizing our immigration system

  • Currently, immigration levels are planned yearly. Do you agree with the thinking that planning should be multi-year?
  • What modernization techniques should Canada invest in for processing of applications?
  • What should Canada do to ensure its immigration system is modern and efficient?
  • Is there any rationale for providing options to those willing to pay higher fees for an expedited process?

1000 words maximumLeadership in global migration and immigration

  • Is it important for Canada to continue to show leadership in global migration? If so, how can we best do that?
  • How can Canada attract the best global talent and international students?
  • In what ways can Canada be a model to the world on refugees, migration and immigration?

1000 words maximum

The submissions, including any personal, identifying information or contact information, accompanying the submission is protected under Canada's Privacy Act and is included in the personal information bank PSU 914 and PSU 938 and found on INFOSOURCE.

We will not consider any submission that includes:

  • Input targeting or mentioning specific individuals or applications
  • Inappropriate or offensive language

Those participating should be aware that they are "consenting to, and acknowledging that s/he has read, understood, and agree that the submission, or portions thereof, may be published on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship website, included in publicly available reports on the consultation, and compiled with other responses to the consultation in an open-data submission on Open.Canada.ca, unless the survey participate indicates it is to be treated as confidential.





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Crispin Aranda

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