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Australia’s Nationwide Shortage List: 8 Professions, 23 Skilled Occupations. Is your profession on it?

Australia’s Department of Employment (DOE) released a February 2016 list of occupations that employers find difficulty in recruiting locally. Check if you qualify to fill the gap!

Jennifer ArandaOriginally posted on March 16, 2016; updated March 24, 2016

Australia’s Nationwide Shortage List: 8 Professions, 23 Skilled Occupations. Is your profession on it?

Australia's nationwide shortage list is reflected both in the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) and Consolidated Skilled Occupations List (CSOL).  If you're new to our website, CLICK HERE to know which Australian State or Territory has an occupation you need to check.

If your profession is one of those professions or skilled occupations, you won't have to dive deep to find the job treasures. Of the 8 professions listed, internationally-trained Midwives would have to push hard and go beyond snorkeling to meet Australia's credential equivalency.

Australia's employment radar pinpoints the top professions: SURVEYOR, QUANTITY SURVEYOR and MEDICAL DIAGNOSTIC RADIOGRAPHER. 

If you want to know whether the job you currently hold corresponds to the official description of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations (or ANZSCO), then read on.

The Professions.

As of this writing, listed below are the 8 professions and a short description of the job PLUS where you can apply and why shortages exist:

  • Surveyor.  
    • Plans, directs and conducts survey work to determine, delineate, plan and precisely position tracts of land, natural and constructed features, coastlines, marine floors and underground works, and manages related information systems. Registration or licensing may be required.
    • Shortages are evident in several states, particularly for cadastral surveyors in some areas.
  • Quantity Surveyor.  
    • Applies scientific, mathematical and cartographic design principles to prepare and revise maps, charts and other forms of cartographic output.
    • Shortages are for qualified and experienced quantity surveyors and are apparent across all construction sectors
  • Medical Diagnostic Radiographer.  
    • Operates X-ray and other medical imaging equipment to produce images for medical diagnostic purposes in conjunction with Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologists or other Medical Practitioners. Registration or licensing is required.
    • The recruitment difficulty is for medical diagnostic radiographers in some locations where training is not available.
  • Optometrist.
    • Performs eye examinations and vision tests to determine the presence of visual, ocular and other abnormalities, ocular diseases and systemic diseases with ocular manifestations, and prescribes lenses, other optical aids, therapy and medication to correct and manage vision problems and eye diseases. Registration or licensing is required.
    • If you are an optometrist, this is the best time to apply.  It is true that employers continue to attract few suitable applicants and experience difficulty filling their vacancies.  HOWEVER, higher training numbers are expected to result in an increased supply of graduates over the next few years. 
  • Physiotherapist
    • Assesses, treats and prevents disorders in human movement caused by injury or disease. Registration or licensing is required.
    • The recruitment difficulty is for physiotherapists in the aged and disability care sectors and in smaller states and territories.
  • Audiologist
    • Provides diagnostic assessment and rehabilitative services related to human hearing defects.
    • Shortages are evident for audiologists and are particularly apparent in regional locations.
  • Midwife
    • Provides care and advice to women during pregnancy, labour and childbirth, and postnatal care for women and babies in a range of settings such as the home, community, hospitals, clinics and health units. Registration or licensing is required.
    • Shortages of midwives are evident but experiences vary depending on location. Overall, the proportion of vacancies filled is low and employers generally attract small fields of qualified and experienced applicants.

If you see your profession on the list and your job description fits, call us at +63 (2) 683.0617 (GMT+8 Philippines) or email us at questions@visacenter.org! You might just qualify for immigration.

The Skilled Trades.  

The 21 skilled trades are shown below accompanied by a short description of the job. Some of these trades may require registration.  

Not all of these trades make the individual eligible to apply for either You may not be eligible in all states for the Skilled Independent visa, Skilled Nominated visa or Skilled Regional (Provisonal) visa though so make sure you check back with us. 

  • Construction Estimator. Prepares and delivers estimates and cost plans for construction projects up to the tender settlement stage.
  • Automotive Electrician.  Installs, maintains and repairs electrical wiring and electronic components in motor vehicles. Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Motor Mechanic.  Maintains, tests and repairs petrol engines and the mechanical parts of lightweight motor vehicles such as transmissions, suspension, steering and brakes. Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Sheetmetal Trades Worker.  Marks out, shapes, forms and joins sheet metal and other materials to make products and components.
  • Metal Machinist (First Class).  Sets up and operates machine tools to shape and form metal stock and castings to fine tolerances, using detailed drawings and specifications.
  • Locksmith.  Installs and maintains locks and related security devices and systems. Registration or licensing is required.
  • Panelbeater.  Repairs damage to metal, fiberglass and plastic body work on vehicles and forms replacement vehicle panels. Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Vehicle Painter.  Prepares surfaces of vehicles, matches and mixes colours and applies paint. Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Bricklayer.  Lays bricks, pre-cut stone and other types of building blocks in mortar to construct and repair walls, partitions, arches and other structures. Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Stonemason.  Cuts and shapes hard and soft stone blocks and masonry slabs to construct and renovate stone structures and monumental masonry. Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Painting Trades Worker.  Applies paint, varnish, wallpaper and other finishes to protect, maintain and decorate surfaces of buildings and structures. Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Glazier.  Measures, cuts, finishes, fits and installs flat glass and mirrors.
  • Fibrous Plasterer.  Applies and fixes plasterboard partitions, suspended ceilings, fire rating systems, acoustic tiles, and composite wall linings to buildings. Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Solid Plasterer.  Applies decorative and protective coverings of plaster, cement and similar materials to the interiors and exteriors of structures. Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Roof Tiler.  Cover roofs with tiles, sheets and shingles to form a waterproof surface. Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Wall and Floor Tiler.  Lays ceramic, clay, slate, marble and glass tiles on external and internal walls and floors to provide protective and decorative finishes. Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic.  Assembles, installs, maintains and repairs industrial, commercial and domestic airconditioning and refrigeration systems and equipment. Registration or licensing may be required.
  • Pastry Cooks.  Prepares and bakes buns, cakes, biscuits and pastry goods.
  • Butcher or Smallgoods Maker.  Selects, cuts, trims, prepares and arranges meat for sale or supply, operates meat or smallgoods processing machines, or manages the processes in the production of smallgoods.
  • Chef (excludes positions in fast food or takeaway food service).  Plans and organizes the preparation and cooking of food in a dining or catering establishment.
  • Arborist.  Maintains and cares for trees and shrubs by lopping limbs and shaping branches, treating trees with fertilizers and insecticides, removing dead or decaying trees, and advising on general tree care.
  • Hairdresser.  Cuts, styles, colours, straightens and permanently waves hair, and treats hair and scalp conditions.
  • Cabinetmaker.  Fabricates or repairs wooden furniture, and fits and assembles prepared wooden parts to make furniture.

If you see your trade on the list and your job description fits, call us at +63 (2) 683.0617 (GMT+8 Philippines) or email us at questions@visacenter.org!  You might just qualify for immigration. 

Important Notes.

It would be good if your work experience in any of the professions or trades listed above is more than three years if you intend to apply for immigration.  

The Department of Employment cautions that labor markets change quickly and vary by location.  Hence, it is better to check both the most recent SOL and CSOL.  Moreover, not all of the Skilled Trades listed are eligible for skilled immigration so check with us or keep an eye out for succeeding articles.

If you are a qualified worker, you may be nominated or sponsored by a registered Australian employer usually through the Temporary Work (Skilled) visa category.  Other employers may be willing to provide sponsorship in support of a permanent resident application through the Employment Nomination Scheme.

And regardless of trade or profession, you must meet the language proficiency requirements and positive or suitable assessment of credentials.  Check back with us on the assessing authority.

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