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Express Entry Draw 2020 - Immigrant Visa Center

This article lists the Express Entry CRS Cut-off Points for 2020. We will update it continuously with each new draw.

Express Entry Draw 2020 - Immigrant Visa Center

Most successful new Canadian permanent residents in the three years will be economic immigrants, applying through the federal program and the provincial nominee programs that use the Express Entry system. The federal programs are the Federal Skilled Worker Class, Canadian Experience Class, and Federal Skilled Trades Class.
If you are applying to an immigration program using the Express Entry system, we recommend checking the Comprehensive Ranking System (or CRS) score of the lowest-ranked applicant BEFORE you apply. Doing so will help you make an informed decision on whether to continue.

Get an Overview of the Express Entry System
Now, if you already lodged an application, checking the cut-off points will allow you to see how the probability of you getting an invitation in the next few rounds. Once you can predict how well your application will do, you can then work on how to improve your migration points. 

Below are the 2020 CRS Cut-off points:

Round Number Program Draw Date Issued Invitations CRS Score of Lowest-ranked Candidate Tie-breaking Rule
138 No program specified 4-Mar-20 3,900 471 24-Feb-20
137 No Program Specified 19-Feb-20 4,500 470 13-Jan-20
136 No Program Specified 5-Feb-20 3,500 472 30-Jan-20
135 No Program Specified 22-Jan-20 3,400 471 9-May-19
134 No Program Specified 8-Jan-20 3,400 473 27-Dec-19

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