10 Fastest growing jobs for college graduates in the U.S.

As always, the good news first.

If you have a college degree in health, sciences and finance– and, if your degree is considered  equivalent to the U.S. counterpart – 8 of the 10 fastest growing jobs for college graduates in the U.S. are in the health are in these fields.

Then, there is the “but…”

As someone with a foreign college degree, however, be aware of three basic considerations  that you need to accomplish for you to successfully compete, the first and most important of which is you must be in the U.S. – preferably as a U.S. citizen, green card holder (lawful permanent resident) on a work visa or at least in legal status.

Essentially then, you must:

  1. Be physically in the US. In a valid, lawful immigration status;
  2. Have your academic transcript officially evaluated as equivalent to a U.S. degree;
  3. Be able to communicate proficiently in English.

Now the competition according to the National Center for Education Statistics

Competitors in the next 2 to 4 years.  More than 5.2 million more students enrolled in college courses or an expected total of about 20.5 million students last fall of 2016.  Females outnumber the male college students, 11.7 to 8.7 million, respectively.

About 7.2 million students (18 to 24 age range, significant numbers from the Hispanic, Asian and Black communities) will attend 2-year institutions and 13.3 million will attend 4-year institutions in fall 2016.

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The Top 10 Fastest Jobs for College Graduates in the U.S. with median salary, degree requirement and number of expected job openings are:

10. Audiologist

"Audiologists diagnose, manage and treat a patient's hearing, balance or ear problems."

9. Interpreter/translator

"Interpreters and translators convert information from one language into another language. Interpreters work in spoken or sign language; translators work in written language."

8. Genetic counselor

"Genetic counselors assess individual or family risk for a variety of inherited conditions, such as genetic disorders and birth defects. They provide information and support to other health-care providers, or to individuals and families concerned with the risk of inherited conditions."

7. Cartographer/photogrammetrist

"Cartographers and photogrammetrists collect, measure and interpret geographic information in order to create and update maps and charts for regional planning, education, emergency response and other purposes."

§  Degree required: Bachelor's degree

§  No. of jobs, 2014: 12,300

§  Job-growth outlook, 2014–24: 29 percent

6. Personal financial advisor

"Personal financial advisors provide advice on investments, insurance, mortgages, college savings, estate planning, taxes and retirement to help individuals manage their finances."

5. Operations research analyst

"Operations research analysts use advanced mathematical and analytical methods to help organizations investigate complex issues, identify and solve problems, and make better decisions."

4. Physician assistant

"Physician assistants, also known as 'PAs,' practice medicine on teams with physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare workers. They examine, diagnose and treat patients."

3. Statistician

"Statisticians use statistical methods to collect and analyze data and to help solve real-world problems in business, engineering, health care or other fields."

2. Physical therapist

"Physical therapists, sometimes called 'PTs,' help injured or ill people improve their movement and manage their pain. These therapists are often an important part of the rehabilitation, treatment and prevention of patients with chronic conditions, illnesses or injuries."

1. Nurse practitioner

"Nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners, also referred to as 'advanced practice registered nurses' (APRNs), coordinate patient care and may provide primary and specialty health care. The scope of practice varies from state to state."

Source: CNBC citing figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  


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