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Sweet Taste of Migration - Visas for Belgium

We are posting the official information from the Belgian Embassy in Makati as service to our viewers and eReaders. For more info, log on to

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Sweet Taste of Migration - Visas for Belgium
Written by Crispin Aranda.
Updated August 14, 2016 | IrelandUnited KingdomFrance

Visa for Belgium

Appointments for visa have to be made through the service centre. No appointments will be accepted if requested through other channels than the Service Centre (! can only be reached from within the Philippines).

Appointments for lodging visa applications:

  • 1 909 1014545 (PLDT only through landline or SMART mobile phone)
  • 1 903 1014545 (Bayantel only through landline)
  • 1 900 1014545 (Globe through landline and GLOBE mobile phone)

Tip: If you wish to secure an appointment without listening to the recording of the visa requirements, as soon as you have the connection, press 1 for English or 2 for Tagalog and then press 0, you will immediately be redirected to the operator.

Notice: Kindly provide documentation as follows:

  • for short stay visa application (Schengen visa): 1 original copy of all documents  + 1 complete set of photocopies
  • for long stay visa application, fiancée visa and cohabitation: 1 original copy of all documents + 2 complete sets of photocopies

Please visit Home Office Website  Site is operated by the Federal Public Service of Interior, not by the Belgian Embassy in Manila).

  • For complete information about visa;
  • For information about your visa application.

You can contact the Home Office Visa service helpdesk directly:

By telephone: + 32 2 793 80 00 
By fax: + 32 2 274 66 91


New contribution for visa LONG stay - D

Since the 2nd of March 2015, a contribution is required for the processing of certain long stay (D) visa applications.

This contribution can be paid by either the applicant or a third person (family members, acquaintance, sponsor, guarantor, etc.). This contribution should be paid into the account of the Immigration Office in Belgium.

The proof of payment of this contribution needs to be presented at the time of the introduction of the visa application. Should the applicant be unable to provide a proof of payment, the visa application will be deemed inadmissible.

This contribution is to be paid on top of the handling fee of the long stay visa (handling fee = the equivalent of €180 in local currency). The handling fee will still need to be paid at the time of the application. An exemption for the handling fee, does not necessarily imply that one is also exempt for the contribution.

We therefore recommend you to carefully consult the website of the Immigration Office with regards to the amount of the contribution and the manner in which this is to be paid.


  • Any bank charges or charges related to the transfer will need to be borne by the applicant or whomever performs the transfer.
  • In the event that you have not paid the full amount, you will have an additional 30 days to transfer the additional amount. If you do not provide the proof that the full amount was paid within this period, the amount already paid will not be reimbursed and the application will be inadmissible.
  • The contribution will likewise not be reimbursed in the event of a refusal of the visa.

About the Author

Crispin Aranda

Crispin Aranda

Crispin R. Aranda is an established International Visa Conselor and Immigrant Advocate. He is the president of IVC and is in several migration radio programs.

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