There are several migration categories if you'd like to apply for skilled immigration to Australia.  If you don't qualify to apply for skilled independent immigration to Australia, then you might be sponsored by a state or territory, provided you meet the minimum number of required points.

There is one list of professions, the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List or CSOL, that is relevant for you if you are applying for:

You must nominate an occupation from the Consolidated Sponsored Occupations List if you apply to Australia under any of the four migration categories above.

Not only that, you will be required to undergo a skills assessment (where you will be charged) as part of your visa application.

And lest you get confused, State or Territory sponsorship is not the same as the sponsorship that you would get from a company or firm. With the former, you will not be getting a job.  Instead, once you are nominated by an Australian state or territory, you will get additional migration points as it means that your skills are in demand by the state that is nominating you.

State or territory nomination carries with it some obligations that you must undertake as a requirement of the sponsorship.  Two such obligations is that you must live and work for a minimum number of years in the nominating state and participate in surveys the state may conduct from time to time.

Special conditions (other than those for permanent residents) will not be placed on you if you are qualified to apply for skilled independent immigration. Therefore, if you are going to be granted a visa, you live and work anywhere in Australia.

If you intend to apply for independent skilled immigration, we recommend that you read the companion piece to this article by clicking on this link

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