First, Germany's birthrate plummeted in the mid-1970s to about 1.4. mark. Since then, it has not gone to a level to an ideal replacement rate of 2.1 required to maintain stable population levels.

Second, life span has increased.  Germany like Europe has an increasing aging population that needs young workers to feed the pension mill.

Third, a strong industry needs increased recruitment of overseas skilled workers and specialists to keep Germany competitive.


The Positive List (Shortage Occupations is shown below at end of article.

How to qualify

If your occupations is on the Positive List, you should know that a “binding job offer” from a German employer is required.  Then your training must be considered or recognized as the equivalent of a German certificate.

You may look for potential employers and – when positively considered- you may apply directly and be hired without a POEA licensed agency – as a direct or name hire. 

Be aware however, that the German employer must have the job offer - and other documents establishing the bona fide of the employer and employment verification – authenticated by the Philippine Overseas Labor Officer (POLO). Then you may present said documents to the POEA and apply for your work visa at the German Embassy in Manila.


The first column is the Occupational Code followed by the description of the occupation and then the Qualification Level required for the specific occupation.

Type of occupation (classification of occupations 2010) Qualification level which specifies if the job is for a Specialist or a Skilled Worker. If you wish a PDF version, email us at and please also indicate your mobile number to confirm your identity.

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Crispin Aranda

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