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Temporary Work in Australia

Get the official details on the responsibilities of Australian employers and rights of Foreign Workers n Australia

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Temporary Work in Australia
Updated December 1, 2015 | Australia

·Temporary Work Visas – Australia

Foreign workers must have a qualified Australian employer eligible to sponsor workers in various categories, shown below.

§   400 - Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity)

§   401 - Temporary Work (Long Stay Activity)

§   403 - Temporary Work (International Relations)

§   416 - Seasonal Worker Program

§   420 - Temporary Work (Entertainment)

§   417 - Working Holiday

§   461 - New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship (Temporary)

§   462 - Work and Holiday

§   457 - Temporary Work (Skilled)

§   476 - Skilled - Recognised Graduate

§   485 - Temporary Graduate

§   488 - Superyacht Crew

§   942 - Crew Travel Authority

§   988 - Maritime Crew

Sponsors' Obligations.

The sponsorship obligations an Australian employer needs to meet will depend on the type of sponsor the employer would be classified as.

For details of the specific obligations that an Australian employer must comply with, select from the list of sponsors below and go to the Sponsor tab.

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