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Visitor Visas

All visitor visas are for individuals who are applying to visit Australia for a holiday, as tourist, short-term non-work reasons , visit relatives and friends.

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Visitor Visas
Updated December 1, 2015 | Australia


  • Depending on the nature of your temporary visit, you need to comply with requirements of the specific visit visa you intend to apply for.  A Visitor visa normally allows you to stay for up to three, six or twelve months.
  • The most common is the standard visit as a Visitor (Subclass 600).   However, there are other most common categories of visit visas. These include those coming under the Working Holiday visa, Exchange Visas, Medical Treatment, Investor/Retirement and those passing through  - Transit or Air and Sea Crew visas.
  • Certain categories of visitor visas could be done online or on paper form.  Nationals (passport holders) from certain countries are eligible to apply online.  The Philippines is a recent addition.  See below for eligible passport holders.

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Visitor visa (subclass 600) For eligible passport holders outside Australia who want to visit Australia for tourism or business purposes. You can submit an online application at any time. You can also use a registered travel agent, airline service or specialist provider to lodge an online application on your behalf.?

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Visitor visa extension For people in Australia who want to apply online to extend their stay for tourism purposes. You will be required to meet all of the following:
  • hold a substantive visa
  • not have condition 8503 'No further stay' imposed on your current visa or have been granted an 8503 waiver
  • meet all the eligibility criteria for this visa.

Note: For applications in Australia you do not need to be an eligible passport holder in order to apply online. In Australia, all passport holders can apply online for a Visitor visa extension.

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Medical Treatment

If you are supporting an individual who needs medical treatment, donating an organ or are going to undergo medical treatment or consultation in Australia yourself, you should apply for a Medical Treatment Visa.

Are you passing through Australia on your way to another country?  Or joining a ship as a crew members?  If your transit through the country is 72 hours or less, you should apply for a Transit Visa.

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