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Do you want to switch careers to the IT industry? Or are you already an IT professional but want to break into software development but can't get the necessary training or job to do it where you live?  If either of these scenarios applies to you, think about enrolling in this Diploma in Software Development Level 7 program! 

This program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills to carve a successful career in the specialized area of software development including mobile applications development.  Just think of iTunes App and Google Play Stores selling at a minimum of 99 cents per download.

A strong focus of Diploma in Software Development L7 (or DSDL7) is on group and individual projects. Projects involve the application of project management tools and techniques, system modeling and design, and coding skills. 

In your final term, you will be tasked to demonstrate all the knowledge and skills acquired in the three earlier terms through a capstone project. You can use this project as part of a portfolio that you can present to potential employers after graduation.

You may enroll even without formal computing qualification.

Have you been working in an IT-related field for at least 5 years even WITHOUT a formal computing qualification?  That's fine provided you completed an undergraduate degree level qualification or above in a relevant non-computing field.  You might however, be required to take additional pre-admission study in your own country before applying.

If you have a relevant computing qualification at New Zealand National Qualification Framework Level 5 or above, you will of course, be most welcome to apply.

What subjects will be tackled?

If you're like most IT professionals, you are most likely detail-oriented and would like to know EXACTLY what you'll be studying.  Take note of the following courses that we're sure you'll find interesting:

Careers and Opportunities

If you graduate from this DSDL7 program, you will be capable of working effectively with autonomy or contribute to teams in the development and planning of software applications using appropriate methodologies, techniques, tools and available technologies.

And if you'd like to go on to further studies, you may progress to higher academic qualifications that explore more advanced software development skills.

These are some of the positions in the IT industry (with the corresponding median salaries) that may be open to you upon graduating from this program::

What Cornell Institute of Business and Technology Offers

And if you're still with us so far, here are other details of the DSDL7 program.

Call us for updates on discounts! 

Still need more information to make a decision? How about checking out the monthly cost of living in New Zealand?

(Monthly Costs are all in NZ$)

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