Laid off or about to be, by PLDT? SPARK your career in NZ

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If you are an IT professional or worker at PLDT, the company’s “aggressive shift to digital space…while the wireless side upgrades its fixed line business” either has resulted in your being laid off, of is threatening to “rightsize” you.

Five hundred employees face “rightsizing” this year.

“Based on the company’s information sheet submitted to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), the number of employees of the PLDT Group has been reduced by three percent to 17,429 in the first quarter of the year, from 17,962 in the same period last year,” the Philippine Star reported.

Not to worry.

If PLDT lets you go, there’s SPARK waiting: Spark is New Zealand's largest Internet Service Provider followed by Vodafone N.Z. There are other globally competitive telecommunication firms in New Zealand and Australia including the five largest – AAPT (No. 5 with $197.3M revenues last year; M2 Telecom (4th, $253M); Vodaphone, (3rd, $444M); Optus (2nd, $1.78B); and Telstra (1st, $6.3B).

New Zealand and Australia share the same classification of occupations (ANZCO) and your work experience in the Philippines is considered comparable to that of NZ. Getting an additional one year diploma in IT-related course in NZ would add to your credential, marketability and competitiveness in both countries.

In fact, NZ and Australia want you. They have fine-tuned their migration programs to accommodate IT-workers.

AND, if at first you don't qualify for immigration, there's always the option to study-and-work in New Zealand with programs such as Diploma in Electronics and Telecommunications (Level 7) and New Zealand Diploma in Engineering (Electrical) which is a 2-year Level 6 program.  Take the opportunity to improve your credentials and develop a social/business network that can work to your advantage when applying for immigration later!

Both countries have a list of occupations eligible for permanent residency. When you (the IT professional as principal applicant) get approved for residency, so will your immediate family members) Need to have a taste of how New Zealand is? 

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ICT, Electronics and Telecommunication Occupations in Demand

New Zealand Wages in 2014 – 2015 Information Technology / IT Professionals Salaries

The list below shows the position, annual salary in NZ dollars, the equivalent in Philippine pesos and location in New Zealand..

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