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Which Australian State or Territory Needs You?

Each State or Territory of Australia has its own list of occupations in demand. Those who meet the requirements of the listed occupation may apply for nomination in the State or Territory where his or her occupation is on the in-demand list. We have the links to each State for your convenience and reference.

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Which Australian State or Territory Needs You?
Posted on May 7, 2015 | Australia

A Skilled Migrant whose occupation is on an Australian State or Territory's list of shortage skills could seek nomination from the specific State or Territory where applicant's occupation is listed.

Generally, an applicant must have (1)  the required English proficiency score AND (2) a suitable or positive assessment from the recognized assessing body for the occupation to be eligible for nomination. For most occupations the assessing body is VETASSESS.

To confirm which assessing body is authorized to conduct the assessment for your occupation, check the Schedule 2 Consolidated Skilled Occupations List. The ANZCO Code and assessing authority as listed on the same field as the occupation itself.

To find out which State or Territory has your occupation listed as in demand or in short supply click on the link we have provided for each.

Australian Capital Territory or ACT:  If you did not ACT sooner, you may have to wait until July this year to find out if your occupation is still in demand.  The last, previous list should be an indication of what occupations are in demand in the Australian Capital Territory.  Yes, it is the capital of Australia, not Sydney or Melbourne.

New South Wales -Sydney is the most popular city, located in New South Wales.  The State has a list of occupations in demand in this most cosmopolitan global city of Australia.

Northern Territory - this list of occupations in demand in the Northern Territory was published April 29, 2015.  Darwin, the capital is a mere 4 hours and 3 minutes flight from the Philippines.

Queensland - Requests for Queensland nomination for skilled visas are usually processed within two weeks, once your completed application has been received by Business and Skilled Migration Queensland.

South Australia - There are two lists, the main occupations on South Australia's in demand list and the supplementary skilled list.

Tasmania - Occupations list for state nomination. However, the Tasmanian government requires applicants to have at least 5 years work experience after obtaining qualification / degree and a job offer must accompany the application.

Victoria -  Occupations eligible for nomination as permanent residents through State nomination program.

Western Australia - Occupations in Demand.

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