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Filipino Nurses Resources for Migration

The world - especially the five countries with permanent migration programs - needs nurses and other healthcare workers. However, to practice the profession a Philippine nurse must go through either licensure or registration procedures. We have compiled the links to save our Florence Nightingales time - and have their migrant visas processed faster

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Filipino Nurses Resources for Migration
Written by Crispin Aranda.
Posted on April 29, 2015 | AustraliaCanadaNew ZealandUnited KingdomUnited States of America

The five countries with established permanent migration programs require an international RN (Filipino nurses included) to have the required English or language proficiency, IELTS being the most popular and widely accepted.

in addition, there are specific nursing regulatory bodies for each province (Canada) state or territory (Australia) or specific State (in the US).  The links to the regulatory bodies or authorities are shown here.

Australia - Registration through AHPRA for the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA); registration with AHPRA is required for both working and migration purposes.  Australian Nursing and Midwifery Advisory Council (ANMAC)  assesses the skills of internationally qualified nurses and midwives who want to migrate to Australia under the General Skilled Migration program. 

Canada - Good news for RNs with NCLEX. Starting January this year, Canada is using the NCLEX for registration purposes instead of the CRNE.  For the specific regulatory body (College of Association) click the next link -  Regulatory Board for RNs in each Canadian Province.  Watch the video of a client of Immigrant Visa Center (a Telehealth Nurse) who got her student visa and is now on the way to her permanent residency Canada now requires NCLEX not CRNE for Foreign RNs

New Zealand - International RNs must complete the Competence Assessment Programmes (CAPs) administered by the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ).  However, NCNZ advises that "there are limited employment opportunities for enrolled nurses to practise in New Zealand"  Filipino RNs who intend to migrate or pursue their career as Nurses in NZ find the Student to Resident option as the most viable alternative. Registration as RN in NZ

United Kingdom - Filipino RNs intending to practice in the UK must have their qualification, training and experience assessed against UK standards through the Nursing and Midwifery Council's Overseas Nursing Programme (ONP). Applicants would be assessed as having the necessary post-qualifying practice and experience in each area of nursing or midwifery

United States - To migrate under the 3rd Employment-based preference category (EB3), a Filipino RN must not only pass the NCLEX but also must have the VisaScreen Certificate  required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services whether for a working or immigrant visa. For a sample of a U.S. State licensure details, click here or mark, copy and paste-

Overseas Jobs from POEA Licensed Agencies  are available for RNs who wish to have international experience if migrating to Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the UK is being contemplated.  

New Graduates or New Licensees?  Find out the option available for you. Send your resume for a FREE assessment and most viable visa option for you.  Please indicate the country of your choice.

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Crispin Aranda

Crispin Aranda

Crispin R. Aranda is an established International Visa Conselor and Immigrant Advocate. He is the president of IVC and is in several migration radio programs.

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