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Schengen Visas: Musketeer's Legacy

Remember the Three Musketeers? They must have been what the Schengen visa represents, “All for one and one for all.” Once granted a Schengen visa to one country, the holder may visit the other 27 Schengen states within a 90 day period

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Schengen Visas:  Musketeer's Legacy
Posted on April 21, 2015 | DenmarkFranceGermanyIrelandNorway SpainSwedenUnited Kingdom

Schengen Visa General Requirements The basics of applying, what you need, how much to prepare, when to leave and where to go.

Foreign Embassies including those from Schengen States - Click here for the specific Foreign Embassy contact info in the Philippines

In addition to Foreign Embassies, other countries maintain their Consular Offices in the Philippines

Want to know more about the  History and Current Affairs of the Schengen Area and an interactive map? 

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