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New Zealand Immigration Resources

The information you need - official, updated news as well - on going to New Zealand: staying there temporarily or permanently.

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New Zealand Immigration Resources
Posted on April 21, 2015 | New Zealand

Note:  The information provided is available on the New Zealand Website. Availability of the information should not be construed as immigration advice or substitute for one.   Only a licensed immigration adviser may.

There are several exceptions for advisers to be exempt from licensing, namely those who provide immigration advice offshore about student visa applications only.

Forms and Guides.  Whether you intend to visit, study, work, stay in New Zealand in any other temporary category as well as pursue permanent residency you can find the specific Form or Guide here.

Permanent Residency based on various categories You can find the specific Form and Guide whether Family or Skilled Migrant Category - Residency Form Family or Skilled Migration. Please note that the Forms and Guides provide the complete and official information from New Zealand Immigration Services.

For a better understanding of residency application based on your occupation, age, education, experience, read the selection system thru the Expression of Interest process.

A New Zealand employer may sponsor a foreign worker if the job being offered is on New Zealand's Specific occupations may be eligible to work temporarily if they are on the Immediate Skills Shortage List.

For occupations or skills shortages in New Zealand that could tell you what occupations are in demand and how you may qualify check this List of Occupations NZ Needs both in the Long Term or Immediate Term.

Students Also May Explore Residency OptionsStudent to Resident Pathway

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