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Australia allocates 190,000 visas for Skilled Migrants and Family-based migrants; 128 550 places for skilled migrants including employer sponsored migrants, skilled independent migrants and business migrants and 60 885 places for family migrants who are sponsored by family members already in Australia, Another 565 places are allocated for special eligibility migrants, who include former permanent residents and have maintained close business, cultural or personal ties with Australia. The Skill Stream comprises 67.7 per cent of the program while the Family Stream comprises 32.0 per cent. Skilled Migrants may apply independently or be nominated by State or Territory.

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Australia Immigration Resources
Posted on April 21, 2015 | Australia

State and Territory Nomination Links. To be sponsored or nominated by a State or Territory, your occupation must be on the State or Territory's Occupations List.  The individual links are shown below.

1)  Australian Capital Territory.  Canberra is the capital -

2)  New South Wales. Sydney offers the bridge to your migration journey -

3)  Northern Territory - Darwin is the City closest to the Philippines -

4)  Queensland. Brisbane is your entry point to the Gold Coast -

5)  South Australia. Adelaide awaits -

6)  Tasmania - Check out Australia's only Island State -

7)  Victoria. Melbourne, prides itself as Australia's most livable city -  Want to see more?  Click here - Melbourne - Most Livable City

8)  Western Australia. Perth awaits. -

Family Stream

Just like the United States, Australia confers cap-free privileges (non-quota) for certain family members.  For the cap in each category and the waiting period (processing queue), please see below.

Partner category visas:

  • Partner (subclasses 309/100 and 820/801) visas cannot be capped.
  • Prospective Marriage (fiancĂ©) (subclass 300) visas may be subject to capping.

Child category visas:

  • Child (subclasses 101 and 802) visas, Dependent Child (subclass 445) visa, Orphan Relative (subclasses 117 and 837) visa and Adoption (subclass 102) visas cannot be capped.

Other Family category visas:

Parent category visas:

  • All Parent (subclasses 103, 143, 173, 804, 864 and 884) visas are subject to capping.
    See: Parent Visa Queue

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