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From the time you arrive at a port of entry to when you might have to apply for change of status to another Nonimmigrant Category, or apply to have your status change to that of a lawful permanent resident - and on to U.S. Citizenship

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US Immigration Resources
Posted on April 21, 2015 | United States of America

Arriving In and Departing from the US -

The I-94 Arrival Departure document in paper form is  no longer being issued. This is good since you can retrieve the information about your current travel (or stay in the US) as well as the 5 years before that. Read on.

Filing Petitions, Applications.  The forms required for the petition you need to file for a qualified family member you want to sponsor.Forms for Petitions, Applications

Changing from One Nonimmigrant Category to Another - If you need more time to stay in the United States or need to change to another category such as to Study, or to Work, you must file the Form I-539 and the USCIS must receive your complete application before your initial authorized period of stay expires. Change of Status Form and Instructions

Applying for Permanent Residence within the United States. There are instances when - while in the United States, an opportunity to apply for permanent residency would present itself.  Find out if you are eligible to apply. Adjustment of Status to Residency

Concurrent Filing and Adjustment of Status - There are cases where an alien (foreign national lawfully present in the US) may be sponsored by a qualified Family member by filing a petition - Form I-130, Petition Form and at the same time be eligible to apply for adjustment of status to permanent residency - Form I-485 Permanent Residency Application . At the same time, the foreign spouse (the person being petitioned) may apply for employment authorization on Form I-765

Residency is Conditional or Not.  If the US citizen spouse files a petition for the foreign spouse within two years of the marriage, the foreign spouse's permanent residency is conditional for two years. The spouses must file a joint petition to remove the conditional residency on Form I-751 

Then if the foreign spouse is still married to the US citizen, he or she could apply for U.S. citizenship within 90 days of his or her being admitted for permanent residency. This date is usually indicated on the foreign spouse's permanent resident card.  The form to file for citizenship and the complete requirements are here on Form N-400

  • Disclaimer. The information herein should not be considered legal advice or substitute for one.  You may need to at least consult an attorney authorized to practice immigration law then decide if you can pursue the petition and application on your own or retain the services of said attorney.

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