In October 2014, Canada unveiled its target to admit between 260,000 to 285,000 new permanent residents in 2015 - an increase of about 20,000 immigrants over the previous year’s goal.

At the time of the unveiling the government of Canada also had announced a new selection system – the Express Entry.

To qualify for selection and invitation to apply for permanent residency, candidates from the pool would be selected according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) issuing invitations for applicants with the highest scores to the lowest.

The maximum points an applicant could get is 1,200 point, as oppose to only 67 through the Federal Skilled Worker program.

To reach the government target, an average of anywhere from 22,000 to 23,750 invitations should be issued for those selected by the federal government (FSW), federal skilled trades programs (FSTP)  Canadian employers as well as those nominated by provincial governments.

After 4 draws, the points earned of the candidate with the lowest rank among those issued invitations was 730.

We explained to our viewers and readers in October last year and February this year that the lowest points would drop down after several draws as it becomes apparent that by setting the lowest rank at a high level (which was 730 on the 4th draw) the Canadian government will not be able to meet its set target for 2015.

Yesterday, the Minister of Immigration announced that the candidate in the lowest rank of CRS had a total points of only 430 which come close to a more realistic level.

A Filipino candidate with a complete profile in the Express Entry pool who has a partner or spouse; both with Masters or two degrees (e.g., Education and Nursing or IT and Engineering) both with advanced language proficiency, and at least 3 years of work experience could reach that 430 magic number in the future draws – which is likely to still go down.

We shall keep you updated.  I am currently in Singapore conducting a Migration Seminar for Filipino professionals and skilled workers in Singapore, attendees of whom are permanent residents of Singapore or have been there for years on specific work permits/passes.

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