Immigration risks, posed by applicants from some countries studying in a particular sector - affect the assessment level.  Compliance with visa conditions plays a huge role when calculating immigration risks.  There are several assessment levels in the student visa program and - the higher the assessment level, the higher the immigration risk. 

This is important because:

Streamlined student visa processing

 Under the streamlined student visa processing arrangements, eligible student visa applicants  from participating education providers are not assigned an assessment level. If you are  eligible for streamlined visa processing you will generally have reduced evidentiary  requirements, similar to those that apply under Assessment Level 1, regardless of your  country of origin.

Selection of study program

 In Australia, the course/study program you enroll in and work opportunities are directly linked.   This is important because some programs offer direct pathways to onshore (in Australia) skilled visa options. 

When you apply for your student visa, you will have to submit documentary requirements.  Some of these would prove that:

Student Visa Conditions

You must comply with the visa conditions for attendance and academic performance  after you have entered Australia or risk cancellation of your visa.   These are:

What happens when you graduate?

You may want to extend your stay in Australia once you've completed your program in any of the following visa options:

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