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UK Needs Workers: Here's the List

Although the UK has set a limit on migration - and despite the flood of applicants from new members of the European Union - Filipino workers still have a chance to be sponsored by an employer in the UK.

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UK Needs Workers: Here's the List
Posted on December 21, 2014 | United Kingdom

Here's the list of Occupations in Short Supply in the UK.

We reiterate the fact that the list includes occupations in demand.  However, you still need a UK employer to sponsor you.  To be eligible to sponsor, the UK employer must be on UK's Tier 2 Registry of Sponsors.

Then the employer must submit the work of job order, how many are in a job order, the requirements for each occupation and the salary to be paid.  The employer documents must be verified and authenticated by the Philppine Labor Attache in London or the Labor Attache with jurisdiction over the employer's place of business.

You can also check POEA licensed agencies with approved job orders on the POEA website -

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