Canadian Green Card for Computer Network Technicians

If you operate, maintain, co-ordinate the use of local and wide area networks (LANs and WANs), mainframe networks, hardware, software and related equipment, or if you set up and maintain internet and intranet websites as well as web-server hardware and software, Canada wants you as a permanent resident.

A green card is reserved for you once you establish eligibility based on your age, education, experience, and English proficiency.  You may get bonus points if you have a spouse or partner and more bonus points if you have a qualified family member in Canada.

Canada has re-opened a permanent residency program (green card version of Canada) that would benefit Senior Managers in Trade, Broadcasting and Other Services.

You only need at least one year of paid experience in your occupation, between 21 – 42 years old, has a college degree or equivalent trade diploma and language proficiency.  Those who have spouses or partners would get additional 5 points bonus for the English proficiency of the partner or spouse.  Close family members in Canada will also add another five (50 points. For a free assessment and evaluation of your eligibility to apply, complete our online assessment form at or you may call our office Immigrant Visa Center at (02) 634-8717.

The list of all titles for Computer Network Technicians are shown below:

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