Suspended Alberta Immigrant Nominee Programs

Canada's fast-food industry had been ordered to slow down on recruiting foreign workers.

Former Immigration and Multicultural Minister – now Employer Minister – Jason Kenney announced on 23 April 2014 the suspension of “any new or pending applications related to the food services sector…while the government reviews the program and allegations of abuse.”

Kenney made the announcement after the federal government's program ran into another damning report by a non-profit organization - the C.D. Howe Institute – blaming the program for the increased unemployment rate in Canada, specifically in Alberta and British Columbia.

In addition to the Food Service sector, two other industries have been ordered to comply with the allocation system per employer before the initiative granting employers additional allocations  was in place.

Suspended Programs

The following streams for 2013 under Alberta’s Immigrant Nominee Program (AINP) under suspension – and no longer accepting applications after November 28, 2013– are:

Under the 2013 Hotel and Lodging Additional Allocation Initiative, Alberta employers were allowed to nominate  as many eligible Candidates as they need in any of the three eligible occupations – Front Desk Clerk/Agent, Room Attendant, and Food and Beverage Server.

Food and beverage processing industry

To continue recruitment of foreign workers in this industry, an Alberta employer must “operate an agricultural-based industrial food processing plant in collaboration with the AINP's partner ministry, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development (AARD.

Retail establishments are not considered part of the food processing sector for which this category was created and are not considered eligible employers under this AINP category.

In addition the Alberta employer must “have satisfactory recruitment strategies, employment policies and practices, retention and settlement in order to qualify for allocations. “

Hotel and lodging industry

A qualified Alberta employer in this industry may not exceed the number of foreign workers recruited based on the number of rooms the employer has at a property.

Allocations can be for Food and Beverage Servers and Room Attendants or a combination of both. Each property is allotted only one Front Desk Agent/Clerk.  Allocation for other occupations  are as follows:

Candidates for this stream in the hotel and lodging industry must have a total of three (3) years of work experience in a job directly related to the hotel and lodging industry (abroad and/or in Canada) and must be employed in Alberta for a minimum of six months before applying to the AINP.

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