Individual applicants intending to visit Canada to be with relatives , friends or simply to have a tour have two choices: apply for a single-entry or multiple entry visas.

Parents and grandparents have their own category as well as those who are just passing through – the transit visa.

Not anymore.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced February 3, 2014 that starting February 6, 2014 “visitors to Canada will now be automatically considered for a multiple-entry visa.”

Now that’s the good news.

The better news is that the visa fee for this temporary resident visa will decrease from $150 to $100 regardless of whether the visa issued is a single or multiple entry visa.

The automatic consideration for multiple-entry visas is expected to simplify the overall application process while promoting tourism.  It is estimated that about 35 million people who visit Canada each year will benefit from this new rule.

There will be no fee for transit visas. Good for crew of vessels and airlines.

The not so good news?

The other TRV fees will increase:

Family rate maximum - $500


The basis for granting a visa application – whether single or multiple entry – has not changed. You must still prove to the visa officer that you intend to depart from Canada at the end of your visit, or that you are sufficiently established in this country, meaning you have reasons to come back.

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