Foreign nationals seeking to study in the United Kingdom (UK) must earn enough points to qualify for a study permit under the Tier 4 –points-based migration.

Unlike points earned in Australia, Canada, or New Zealand, this points-based migration is for temporary stay in the UK. 

Work while in Tier 4 Status and School is in Session

Generally, only students enrolled in a course at or above Level 6 in the National Qualification Framework  (NQF) or Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) or Level 9 of the Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework (SCQF) are allowed to:

For foreign students below the NQF, QCF AND SCQF levels above, they are allowed to:

Foreign students enrolled in a course at any level at a publicly funded further education college are allowed to:

No prior approval to work is needed under this scenario. Students enrolled in courses described above are allowed to work full-time during vacations.

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