A 26-year old RN, with at least 4 years of full-time paid work experience, married to another 24-year old licensed RN with 2 years of full time paid work experience, both with intermediate levels of English (no French) with one minor child, no relatives or have not visited Quebec at all, would qualify to apply even without a job offer.

On the other hand, a 26-year old unmarried RN, with two years of paid, full time work experience, with intermediate level of English language only (no French proficiency at all) no relatives or have not visited Quebec at all, will not qualify without a job offer.

A 26-year old, female single parent RN (with minor, less than 12-year old child); has 2 years of full-time paid work experience, intermediate level of English proficiency (no French), no relatives and also has not visited Quebec ever, will meet the Quebec selection criteria.

Different answer to any of the questions under the selection criteria could lead to a different result. Qualified applicants must have the Selection Certificate submitted and will be covered by current rules till March 31, 2014.

Other Information: Quebec Selection Criteria

LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY - IELTS test results correspond to CLB scores as follows:

CLB Level 9 - IELTS Listening: 7.0 Reading: 8.0 Writing: 7.0 Speaking: 7.0
CLB Level 8 - IELTS Listening: 6.5 Reading: 7.5 Writing: 6.5 Speaking: 6.5
CLB Level 7 - IELTS Listening: 6.0 Reading: 6.0 Writing: 6.0 Speaking: 6.0
CLB Level 6 - IELTS Listening: 5.5 Reading: 5.5 Writing: 5.0 Speaking: 5.5
CLB Level 5 - IELTS Listening: 5.0 Reading: 5.0 Writing: 4.0 Speaking: 5.0

CLB Level 4 - IELTS Listening: 4.0 Reading: 4.5 Writing: 3.5 Speaking: 4.0


FINANCIAL SUFFICIENCY (when contract is signed by Principal Applicant)

Accompanying Dependent Children Below 18 years old

Principal Applicant without spouse

Principal applicant with spouse



















Add $506 for additional child

Add $391 for additional child


18 and over

Add $1,364 per additional child

Add $1,364 per additional child






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