Dance your way to residency

As professionals in therapy and assessment belonging to Major Group 31 under the National Occupations Classification Code (NOC),

The NOC explains that this unit includes audiologists, speech language-pathologists and other “specialized therapists not elsewhere classified who use techniques such as athletic, movement, art or recreational therapy to aid in the treatment of mental and physical disabilities or injuries. “

In the Philippines and in most places, specialized therapists “are employed by establishments such as hospitals, rehabilitation centers, extended health care facilities, clinics, recreational centers, nursing homes, industry, educational institutions and sports organizations, or they may work in private practice.”

To qualify for this position, you must be performing most of the functions as listed in the occupation under this NOC classification for at least a year and obtain 67 points minimum based on your age, education and English proficiency.  Bonus points may be earned if you have an English proficient spouse, a qualified relative in Canada or have studied or work in Canada for at least a year.

Main duties

Therapists and other professionals in this unit group perform some or all of the following duties: 

Employment requirements

Eligible Occupations

§  analyst, movement – medical

§  art therapist

§  art therapists' supervisor

§  art therapy consultant

§  art therapy teacher (except education)

§  athletic therapist

§  athletic trainer – therapy

§  biokineticist

§  CAT (certified athletic therapist)

§  certified athletic therapist (CAT)

§  certified kinesiologist

§  consultant, art therapy

§  dance therapist

§  dance therapists' supervisor

§  dance therapy researcher

§  dance-movement therapist

§  dance-movement therapy researcher

§  drama therapist

§  drama therapists' supervisor

§  DTR (registered dance therapist)

§  exercise physiologist

§  exercise therapist

§  human kineticist

§  kinanthropologist

§  kinesiologist

§  movement analyst – medical

§  movement therapist

§  music therapist

§  music therapists' supervisor

§  music therapy researcher

§  recreational therapist

§  registered dance therapist (DTR)

§  registered kinesiologist

§  remedial gymnast

§  remedial gymnastics teacher (except education)

§  remedial gymnasts' supervisor

§  remedial therapist

§  researcher, dance therapy

§  researcher, dance-movement therapy

§  researcher, music therapy

§  spontaneous art teacher – therapy

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Crispin Aranda

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