How Many More Visas Available for Australia’s Residency Program?

If Australia is the country you wish to migrate to – or become a permanent resident of – you must be aware that all skilled stream migration applicants (professionals, associate professionals and tradespersons) must submit the intention to migrate online through SkillSelect.

The intention is called an Expression of Interest (EOI).  Before submitting the EOI, an applicant must make sure his or her occupation is on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL), have the language proficiency scores needed (IELTS) for the occupation and must have obtained a positive assessment from the specific organization designated by the Australian government to evaluate if the applicant’s occupational experience, education and training would be the equivalent of an Australian counterpart.

To qualify or be invited to apply an applicant must get the points needed for the specific category (independent or nominated). 

There is an occupations ceiling. For example, Chemical and Electronic Engineers as well as ICT Business & Systems Analysts would have to wait for next program year.  The occupation quota for these occupations has been reached. No further invitations will be issued for these occupations until 1 July 2013 unless applicants have been nominated by employers.

Each occupation has a quota for a program year in this case the 2012-2013 allocation  The Department of Immigration and Citizenship conducts a selection round on the first Monday of each month.  A second invitation round is conducted if needed.

This month, the first round was conducted 4 March and a second one on 18th March, 2013.  The maximum number of invitations to be issued for each Subclass in each of the two rounds by visa subclass are: Skilled Independent (Subclass 189) total invitations issued, 950; for Skilled Regional Subclass 489, 50 or a total of 1900 and 100 respectively.

Telecommunication Engineering Professional occupations may not be available for long because 80% of the occupation ceiling has been reached. 

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Crispin Aranda

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