As a result, UK Immigration Minister Damian Green announced on 2 November 2011that “over 450 education providers (which could have brought more than 110,000 students) will no longer be able to sponsor new international students to the UK.”

The more than 400 colleges “lost their right to recruit international students after they failed to sign up for the new inspection system. As well as cutting abuse, the new standards will help ensure that genuine international students receive the highest quality education.”

In addition, the UKBA reported that its investigation into more than 100 colleges has “led to 51 having their licences to recruit international students revoked. The investigation followed a spike in applications from South Asia just before the English language requirement rules were tightened. More than 4,500 of these applications to study have been refused or withdrawn as a result.”

The UK Border Agency announced a list of more than 2,000 banks and financial institutions worldwide that can no longer provide evidence to verify a student has sufficient funds for their course. A student visa applicant under Tier 4 must provide evidence of funds to pay for the course fee and cost of studies while in the UK.  Proof of funds indicate that the student will not rely on work rights to finance his or her studies.  In the past, thousands of students presented certificates from banks which turned out to be unreliable, thus the list of acceptable financial institutions.

If a bank is on the list cited by the UK above, a student citing that institution will not be granted a visa. Most of the banks not acceptable as source of funds are rural banks, savings and loans associations.

The list of acceptable financial institution in the Philippines is shown below:

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Crispin Aranda

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